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Search ResultsVault

When you login or access the app as a guest for the first time, the 'Search ResultsVault' screen comes up.

Highlighted Features:

(1) To return to the login screen, tap on < icon.

(2) To search for your club/association, type in the Search Box.


Every ResultsVault Powered club/association can be searched and accessed via the ResultsVault app.

(3) To add a Club or Association as a 'Favourite' in the app, tap on the (+) sign next to the entity's name from the displayed list. This takes you to the 'Add Favourite' screen.

Add Favourite


Highlighted Features:

(1) To return to 'Search ResultsVault' screen, tap on Cancel. To save changes made, tap on Done.

(2) To set an an alternative name for the club/association in the app, type in an Alias.

(3) To access grades for a particular Season, tap and select from available options. The club's current season is selected as a default.

(4) To set the Grade of the fixture to be displayed in the app, tap and select from available options.