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  • Manage Favourites


To switch between your Favourites or manage Favourites, tap on the downward-facing arrow in the top-right corner of the Dashboard

Highlighted Features:

(1) To set your current Favourite for the Dashboard, choose from the list of added Favourites. The selected Favourite is displayed with a ✔ next to its name.

(2) To edit your Favourites, use the Manage Favourites option. Manage Favourites can also be accessed via the side navigation menu by tapping on the ≡ icon.

(3) To return to the Dashboard, tap on the < icon. To save changes made, tap on Done. 

(4) To select a club/association to either duplicate, hide/show or delete, tap on the club/association name.

(5) To make a copy of the selected club/association (useful when you want to add multiple grades for the same club/association as a Favourite), use Duplicate option. To hide or show a club/association in the Favourites drawer, use Hide/Show option. To delete the club/association altogether (only available for manually-added favourites), use the Delete option.