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The following help content describes the latest version of the app - version 4.2  We recommend users install the latest version of the app to ensure the features and design match that described below.



 I don’t have an account, or my account doesn’t have scoring access. What can I do?

If you don’t have an account, you should ask your ResultsVault club contact to set you up with one.

If you already have an account but don’t have scoring rights or access to score a match, please contact the Principal Administrator at your club to request access.



 Is there a test option where I can try out all the app’s features?

Yes, there is – we call it Demo Mode. You can access Demo Mode from the menu on the Matches screen, or by tapping ‘Continue without logging in’ from the Login screen.



 How can I download a match from MyCricket to score?

If you are already logged in, and you are on the Matches page, simply swipe down. Matches that have just been setup should populate in the list - providing they have been made active by the administrator on ResultsVault.



 Can I score a match that isn’t available on MyCricket?

Yes – it’s called a Custom match. You can create a custom match — with custom teams and players — by tapping the ‘Other Matches’ tab on the Matches screen, or by tapping ‘Continue without logging in’ from the Login screen. However, keep in mind that custom matches cannot be synced to ResultsVault — they will only exist on your device.



 Can multiple scorers be scoring the same game simultaneously?

Yes, multiple scorers can score the same game but only the first scorer to access the match, known as the Primary Scorer, will sync the score to ResultsVault. Any subsequent scorers are known as Secondary scorers, and their scoring will remain on their device only, unless they take over scoring from the Primary scorer.

To switch scoring from a Primary scorer to a Secondary scorer:

  1. the Primary scorer must first save and unlock the match.  The match then becomes available for a Secondary scorer to take over scoring. 
  2. The new scorer will need to select the match and then download the latest scores (uploaded by the Primary scorer when the match was saved on Play-Cricket)
  3. The new scorer must then lock the match so they can become the Primary scorer.  To lock the match, tap the Lock icon on the top of the Scoresheet.



 If I make a mistake while scoring, how can I fix it?

You have four different options for fixing a mistake:
• You can undo any number of balls (in reverse order) by tapping the Undo icon on the Scoresheet.
• You can edit an individual ball or an entire over by tapping the Edit icon next to any ball or over in the Ball-by-Ball list. If you are using MyCricket LiveScore on a phone, the Ball-by-Ball list is available by tapping the ‘Edit’ tab on the Scoresheet.
• If you missed a delivery, you can insert it into an existing over. Simply tap the Insert icon next to any over, compose the ball, and then press Done.
• You can alter batting and bowling figures, as well as the total scores and wickets lost for any Innings, via the Scorecard. The Scorecard is available by tapping on the Menu icon on the Scoresheet, and selecting ‘View/Edit Scorecard’.



 Can I score a MyCricket match offline?

Yes, you can. You will first need to download the match from MyCricket when you have have access to the Internet.  To do this, tap any MyCricket match on the Matches screen and select ‘Download’. This will save the match — as well as the player lists for both competing teams — to your device.

Then, when you wish to score offline, you can access your Downloaded matches either from the menu on the Matches screen, or by pressing ‘Continue without logging in’ from the Login screen.



 I’ve finished scoring, but how do I end a match and submit it to MyCricket?

You can end a match at any time. Simply tap the ‘Match Actions’ button (tablet users) or ‘Actions’ button (phone users) on the Scoresheet, select ‘End Match’, and then tap ‘Done’ on the proceeding screen.

If you are scoring in Summary mode, rather than ball-by-ball, you can tap the ‘End Match’ button on the Scorecard screen.



 I scored a match offline. How can I submit the final scores to MyCricket, now that I have an Internet connection?

Simply login to the app with your MyCricket account, tap on your match and select ‘Continue Scoring’. Then, follow the End Match process (see previous FAQ item), and the scores will be synced to MyCricket.



 I scored a match, and I want to print a copy of the scorecard. How can I do that?

During a match, you can access a PDF version of the scorecard by tapping on the Menu button on the Scoresheet and selecting ‘Export to PDF’. For a Completed match, just tap the match on the Matches screen and, once the scorecard loads, tap the Download button in the top right of the screen to access a PDF version.

Depending on the device you are using, you should be able to save, email, or print the PDF scorecard.



 I started scoring a match, but I want to delete it and start again. Can I do that?

Absolutely. You can clear any ‘in progress’ MyCricket match by tapping the match on the Matches screen and selecting ‘Clear all data’.

Once the matches list reloads, you can start scoring again by tapping the same match and selecting ‘Start scoring’.



 How can I add another person to my team if they aren’t in the Team list?
From the Matches screen, head to the main menu and then select Team Selection.

You can edit either of the Team lists by swiping left/right to view the desired Team, then select Edit Team to change the list, or Add More Players to add Players not already in the list.



 How do I change the Strike Batter while scoring?
You can change the Strike Batter by clicking on the right hand side of the Strike Batter name, where you see the three dots.
'Change strike' allows you to switch between the two batters already at the crease. (The green markings represents the batter who is on strike).
'Change batter' allows you to change the batter to a different batter not already at the crease. (You will need to select either Retiring (not out), Retiring (hurt) or Changing due to error for the outgoing batter.



 I can never access the help content offline. What can I do?

Unfortunately, you will always need an internet connection to view the help content. If you know you will be scoring a match offline at the ground, we recommend printing the help content so you have a paper copy to take with you.



 How can I make the most of my battery while scoring?

To extend the battery life of your device when using the app, use these tips:

  • Reduce Screen Brightness.
  • To stop your phone turning up the brightness every time it deems it necessary, turn Auto-Brightness off.
  • While the screen is on, you're consuming power, so make sure that your device isn't awake when you don't need it to be.
  • Disable Background App Refresh.
  • Use Low Power/Battery Saver Mode.
  • Turn off unnecessary radios such as GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi (The app will not use Bluetooth at any stage and, if you are using cellular data to connect, the WiFi can also be safely switched off).
  • Turn off non-essential notifications such as those of email and messaging apps.
  • To ensure that the battery doesn’t deplete during a game, charge device at every opportunity, for e.g. lunch break between two innings.




 How does the TV Scoreboard Display work?

Scorers will have the ability to display a scoreboard via an external TV providing they are using an iOS device.


When connected, the scoreboard will automatically update based on the live score input during an innings.


Scoreboard Display:


Connection methods


The scoreboard display is compatible with all iOS devices using an HDMI cable or Apple TV.


The connection will need to be setup before the External Scoreboard (TV) function can be used.



  • If you wish to use AirPlay to broadcast to an Apple TV, ensure AirPlay Mirroring is switched ‘on’ in the iOS control centre.


  • Once the iPhone/iPad is plugged into a TV using HDMI, the display of the device will be mirrored to that TV, meaning the TV will display what is on the device. When the “External Scoreboard (TV)” option is set to ‘ON’, the display on the TV will change to the scoreboard display.


  • Please ensure the TV’s AV/Input channel is set to the HDMI port the device is plugged into



Sizing and Display


The sizing and display is proportional meaning the display will be adjusted for any size screen to suit – big or small. It has also been optimized for a 16:9 (widescreen) format.



  • For a clearer display, use a TV that has a resolution of 720p or higher.



 How do I include a sub fielder?

Sub fielders will need to be selected from the select team page in the MyCricket admin area. Once selected, the player will appear as an option in the dropdown fielder area when selecting a run out or caught wicket type.