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This screen allows teams to be allocated to a particular grade for a particular season.

Allocating teams

Select the season and grade from the selector bar and click the Go button.


There are two methods for allocating teams:


If the are no allocations for the selected Grade/Season, the team type can be changed from the Populate available list from dropdown list. Select either Child Organisations or Teams within the current organisation. If there are current allocations for the selected Grade/Season, the team type cannot be changed unless all clubs/grades are first removed.

Types of Teams

Two different 'types' of teams can be assigned, although these types cannot be mixed in a particular grade/season.

  • Child Organisation teams
    These are teams that relate to separate organisations that are affiliated to the organisation that manages the competition. These organisations are related in some way to the current organisation via a hierarchy - for example, the clubs that are affiliated with an association. Once organisations have been affiliated, these type of teams are created via the Allocate teams to grade screen (part of Grade Management), in which a participating organisation (e.g. a club) is assigned to a particular grade for a particular season. These types of teams are used where a competition is run by an managing organisation (e.g. associations) between participating child organisations (e.g. clubs) which are affiliated with the managing organisation. Participating organisations can log in to the system and typically have the responsibility to manage/select the team selections for each match, and would usually select the teams each week from players in their player list, or squads. By default, the team name is that of the participating organisation (e.g. the club name), however this can be changed via the Team Settings screen. It is also possible for the same club to field multiple teams within the same grade/season.
    Association A runs competitions between its member clubs C1,C2,C3 and so on. From year to year, the same clubs tend to enter teams in the competitions. The Association would set the competitions up as Child Organisation teams. Each club can then log in and enter results. The association reviews results (or can optionally enter results on behalf of one or more clubs).
  • Entity Teams (also known as 'Teams within the current organisation) - these teams are created within the managing organisation (e.g. association) itself, and have no relationship to another organisation. These types of teams are typically used by organisations running tournaments or competitions where the teams are transient in nature (e.g. change year to year), or the teams cannot be thought of as belong to an organisation (e.g club). These teams can only be created via the Entity Team Management screen. The Allocate teams screen is then used (as above) to allocate teams once they have been created. As there is no participation from other organisations, the managing organisation is responsible for all data entry (e.g. team selections, scores etc). 
    Example: Association A runs annual tournaments or ad-hoc competitions where teams are entered every season. The teams often have different names and participants from year to year, and there are no 'clubs' behind the teams. The association would set the competitions up as Teams within the current organisation. The association enters all results. 


Within a given competition/grade, the above team types may be mixed. For example, a grade can contain both child organisation teams and Teams within the current organisation.

Comparison Table

 Child OrganisationsEntity Teams
Adding to the current organisationContact Support to affiliate an organisation to your organisation. The organisation will then be listed in the Child Organisation (affiliates) screen.Create via the Entity Team Management screen.
Removing from the current organisationContact Support  to remove an organisation from the list. Any teams previously allocated to grades/seasons will not be affected.Delete via the Entity Team Management screen. If the team has been allocated to a grade/season, the team will not be able to be deleted but can be made inactive instead.
How to add to a grade and seasonVia the Allocate Teams screen.Via the Allocate Teams screen.
Can squads be set up?Yes, via the Team Settings tab of Grade Maintenance.Yes, via the Team Settings tab of Grade Maintenance or the Entity Teams Management page.
Players come from the child organisation's player list. Players come from the managing organisation's player list.
Squads relate to a single grade/season only.Squads persist across grades/seasons if applicable.
Who enters teams selections, match results etc?Either someone with an admin login to the child organisation, or the managing organisation.Someone with an admin login to the managing organisation.
Admin logins to enter results?Yes.Not for the team members, this is done at the managing organisation level.
Can participants login?Yes.Yes.
Can be re-used across grades/seasonsYes.Yes.
Can allocate multiple instances to particpate in the same grade/season?Yes.No.
Public site accessCan customise the ResultsVault public site for the organisation to get a view of the fixtures, ladders for just that organisation (or can also view via the managing organisation). Can also setup a SportzVault site attached to these results.Can't customise for the particular team, but can customise the ResultsVault public site for the managing organisation to get a view of the fixtures, ladders.


Allocating Child Organisations type teams:

The left hand list box lists all immediate child organisations. Optionally make a selection from the Filter available child type dropdown list to filter the left hand list box to just that type of organisation.

Different types of organisations can be mixed within the same grade if required (however this would be unusual).

  1. To allocate a team to the selected Grade/Season, select the team in the left hand list box (Available teams) and click the button. You can select all teams and allocate them by clicking the button.
  2. If an organisation is entering more than one team in the grade, select and add the organisation twice (or as many times as is necessary). In this case you will be prompted to enter different team names (e.g. South Yarra Blue, South Yarra Red) to distinguish the teams (on the Team Settings page ).
  3. To save allocations, click the Update button.


Allocating Teams within the current organisation type teams:

  1. Optionally make a selection from the Only show teams that have ... default player(s) dropdown to only show available teams that have a certain number of default players. For example, to only display teams with 2 default players, select 2 from this dropdown. Select ANY to display teams with any number of players (including zero).
  2. To allocate a team to the selected Grade/Season, select the team in the left hand list box (Available teams) and click the Add button.
  3. To save allocations, click the Update button.


Removing teams

  1. To remove a team/club, select it in the right hand list box and click the Remove button.
  2. To save allocations, click the Update button.
  3. If a club/team has participated in matches you will not be able to remove them from the grade. You are however able to hide the club/team from displaying in the corresponding ladder via the Maintain Team Settings screen. Further steps will need to be taken to perform any necessary ladder adjustments (if applicable) for teams that still play in the grade, and the fixture will need to be manually edited to remove future matches where the team was playing by for example, assigning a bye in those matches.



This is an alternative to manually allocating the teams, and data is copied from a previous season replacing any current information. This method is only visible when the grade has not been set up yet (i.e. currently has no teams added).
  • Select the season and the grade to copy data from.
  • Copy Teams from the selected grade and the selected season checkbox is checked and must be selected. Teams will be copied from the selected grade and selected season to the current season and grade (the current grade name displays at the top of the page, just above the tab bar).
  • Optionally check the Also Copy Ladders from the current grade and the season selected checkbox to copy ladder information. Ladder config will be copied from the current grade and selected season (via the season dropdown located just under the checkboxes referred to above) to the current season and current grade (i.e. the grade selector is ignored). See Notes about copying ladders above for the rules about when ladder configuration is copied.
  • Click the Go button to the right of the Season/Grade dropdown lists. Data is copied immediately. These teams will be displayed in the right hand list box.