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  • Season settings


A season is a way for Associations to designate a competition to a time period that ultimately ends up in a finals series and winner.


There can be several seasons set up for each calendar year.  By default, two seasons for each year are created:

  • A Crossover Season i.e. 2015/2016, that is any competition running from within the dates 1 Jul* and 30 June.
  • A Calendar Season i.e. 2016, that is any season running within the dates 1 January* to 31 December. 
    *These are typical start dates only, and do not affect when matches are actually played.


Configure seasons as follows:

  • Set the current season.
  • Create and manage the Season List.
  • Data rollover to save time in establishing grades, ladders, draws, teams, team settings, squads and fixtures.

Set Current Season

  1. Select the season - the list is restricted to the season(s) that are in progress, and seasons from up to a year ago.
  2. Click Update.

At some point before the commencement of the first round (preferably about a month before), the Association should also set the current season for all affiliated Clubs. This is done by clicking the Set Current button.

Typically, an Association sets its own season, carries out team setup, completes draw creation etc, and then sets the Clubs' current seasons. This is to avoid setting the Club season too early where no matches have been set up yet.

 Organisations requiring re-confirmation of roles - e.g. myCricket
  • If the system has been configured by your organisation or a parent organisation to require re-confirmation of roles (How can this be set in the system?), when you set the current season to a new season:

    A warning will display that this action will set the re-confirmation flags for applicable records (in most cases this would be PLAYER and UMPIRE roles).
    As a safeguard, any role that has been re-confirmed within the last 10 months will not have its flag set.
    • To confirm the action, check the Confirm checkbox.
    • If you wish to lock* the previous season (recommended) also check the Lock previous season checkbox
    • Click Update again
    • A message displays indicating the actions that were carried out, and the auto remove date (the date that triggers automatic removal if not reconfirmed) is displayed.

*Locking a season will prevent:

        • changing teams within the grade.
        • editing ladder configuration.
        • editing pools configuration.
        • changing the calculated ladders - manual ladders cannot be entered, automatic ladders will not be recalculated.
        • adding or modifying ladder adjustments.
        • editing the draw/fixture.

  • Seasons are not unlocked by changing the season back to an earlier one. In this case, please edit the Grade and unlock via the Seasons settings screen

Season List

This section allows past seasons to be added to the Association so that historical data (e.g. fixtures) can be entered.

  1. To add a season, select Add season, select the new season and click the Add button.

    If the season has already been added it is not added again. 

    Seasons that have already commenced cannot be added here. The Current Season section must be used for this.

  2. To remove a season, click the Delete link next to the season. Seasons cannot be removed once matches have been created within that season.

Data Rollover

This section enables all or partial season/competition settings from previous a season to be copied across to another (later) season.  

  1. Select From Season and To Season. The From Season must be prior to the To Season.
  2. Select one or more grades:
    1. Select Source Grades to copy and press the  button to move one or more selected Source Grades to the Selected Grades list.  Press the  button to move all the Source Grades to the Selected Grades list.
    2. Select items from the Grades List and press the button to move one or more Selected Grades back to the Source Grades. Press the  button to move all of the Selected Grades back to the Source Grades. 

  3. Select from the Data Rollover Options carefully to ensure that all relevant data is copied across to the new season:
      • Grade Seasonal Settings.
      • Ladder Settings.
      • Team Entries and Team Settings.
      • Team Squads.
      • Grade Fixture Slots.

  4. Click the Process button to save changes.


It is crucial to select all the data options to copy correctly the first time as it is not easy to roll over additional season data once as season has been established.