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Select Teams for a given Season, Grade and Round. By default the selected team from the previous round (if applicable) will be given as a starting point for the selection, meaning that only week to week changes need to be specified.


Selecting a team

The list of players that can be selected is displayed in the Available Players list . By default, this list shows active players unless one or more Player List options are set (see below).


 Netball - example

 Rugby - example
  1. Select a Player from the Available Player's list, then drag and drop it onto the position that player is selected for.
  2. To unselect a Player from the list of Selected Players, drag and drop the Player name onto the Drop Here to Unselect box under the list of Available Players.
  3. Select one or more Players from the Available Player's list, then drag and drop them onto the Substitute(s) box.
  4. Select the Captain, Coach, Team manager and Scorer, as well as the Assistant Referee.


If the team has not yet been selected and saved, and the system detects team selections for the current grade for the previous match (i.e. the match from the previous round), that team will be displayed within the Selected Players box and a message will be displayed. The team is not saved until the Update button is clicked.

If the team has already been selected and saved the list of currently selected players is shown in the Selected Players section.


Player List options

By default the Player List displays active players in a Club list, but the list may be filtered in the following ways:

  • Only show players registered for this association - Check this to restrict the list of players to those registered for the Association that the match belongs to. Player registration is separate to the player list, and can be accessed via the club administration menu. If this checkbox is disabled and selected, it means that the Association only allow registered players to be selected. In this case, inactive players (see below) cannot be shown. If this checkbox is disabled and not selected, it means the option is not available for the current sport.
  • Apply Player Filter - The list of Player Filters defined for the current club is displayed in the dropdown list. To apply a filter, select it from the dropdown list. If Only show players registered for this association is also checked, only Player Filters that include the relevant Association registration criteria will be displayed. For more information see Creating Person Filters

    If no Player Filters have been set up, the Apply Player Filter option will not display.

  • Show inactive players - Only applicable when the registered players checkbox is not checked and no Player Filter is applied. Will display inactive players as well as active players in the Player List.
  • Don't show unavailable players - If a player has been marked as Unavailable within Player Availability for the day of the match (or for any day in a match that spans more than one day), that player will not appear in the Player List. A player who has been marked as Available or Conditional or no availability status will still appear in the list.


Can't find a player in the list to select from?

  1. Check whether the Only show players registered for this association checkbox is checked. If it is, then you must ensure that players are registered for the Association that the current match comes under. This is different to simply having a player record within the Association.
    Go to the Player Registration List (not available for all sports) to check on this. If the checkbox is checked and disabled, it means that the Association has enforced team selections only from the registered list, so you will have no alternative but to register players.

  2. Check whether a player filter has been applied from the Applu Player Filter dropdown list. This restricts the player list based on the definition of the filter.
  3. Check whether some player roles need to be confirmed (there will be a warning message display at the top of the screen if this is the case).