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  • Program Overview


The role of an NSO is not only to promote the traditional form of its sport, but to encourage participation among people of all ages and abilities.

To this end, an NSO may run multiple flavours of its sport covering training, social and competitive variations.


In summary, Programs can be used by NSOs to promote:

  • the traditional (competitive) form of the game that mimics the professional sport
  • the sport to a particular participant age group (e.g. in2cricket, NetSetGo)
  • a series of clinics to coach participants of different ages (e.g. NetSetGo)
  • a new, more social way of playing a traditional form of sport (e.g. MILO T20 Blast, myNetball Fast5)
  • sport at schools (e.g. NetSetGo Schools)
  • mini tournaments (e.g. Vic Jnr Golf tournaments)
  • come-and-try events (e.g. Hookin2Hockey).


With a variety of programs on offer, NSOs can track participation in their sport by a players and analyse, amongst other things,

  • transition paths for junior players
  • success of older players, based on their early participation in clinics
  • conversion rates to the traditional form of the game.