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There are several reports and pages available in Play Football to view, action, and reconcile registrations and payments made via the online Member Sign-up form. These reports provide administrators with everything they need to keep on top of their registrations.  The key pages and reports for admins can be found under the ‘Registration’ menu, and include:


Tip - at the bottom of many of the pages, there is a 'Download Detail Report' and 'Download Summary Report' option to export the information to an Excel document. These reports house additional information not always visible on the pages, including the breakdown of payments (club, association, state, national splits for an individual registration), payment gateway information, details related to the purchase and much more. 



There is a 'bulk actions' feature where registrations can be selected and an action can be performed individually or in in bulk.

Actions include:

  • Approve Registration 

  • Once a person has registered, the registration requires approval.
  • De-register
  • De-registering an individual requires a ‘Request Reason’ (Changing Clubs, Injury, etc.) and a optional comment.  Only active/approved registrations can action a de-registration request. 
  • Decline 
  • Option to decline a registration requiring approval. Comment can be given on whey the registration was declined. 
  • Generate ID cards
  • Generate a PDF document with ID Cards of selected players and non-players.



The Invoice List page provides a full list of individual registrations including details and actions related to their invoices, including:


  • Viewing key information about the registration, including player name/id, description of registration, invoice ID and the invoice date. 
  • Editing the Payment Status (pencil icon)
  • Send the invoice via email to the registrant (mail icon)
  • Transaction Details (eye icon)
  • Download the invoice as a PDF (download icon)
  • Pay Now via credit card 



This page sorts registrations via products purchased by registrants. 

A 'Download Report' link is available at the bottom of the page.  The report contains additional information relating to each registration including further details about the product purchased, and payment information. 



The Payment Gateway report provides information to the admins to reconcile payments received by the organisation. 

There is a ‘Download Report’ option at the bottom of the page that exports the data to an Excel spreadsheet.  Additional information within this report includes: transaction id, payment gateway details and processing fees.



There are a number of other reports available within the ‘Reports’ menu that will help clubs/associations manage their registrations, including: