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Maintenance, placement and statistics are accessed in the Advert Manager, using the tabs at the top of the screen:

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Advert Maintenance 


Advert Name

The is the name you give the Advert and how which will allow you to reference it when placing or editing the ad.

Ad Type

The Ad Type can either be Banner or Text


Banner Ad
This is simply an image or flash animation that had been uploaded (to the images section within File Manager) that graphically represents the advert you want to display. A URL can be associated with a banner ad so when the user clicks on the image they are directed to the target website.


Flash animations must have a file extension of swf and be resized to the dimensions of the ad slot.


Text Ad
An advert that is represented by text that is entered for that ad. These ads can ber very useful for adhoc ads or when appropriate advertising images are not available.

Destination URL

This is used to create a hyperlink under the advert (for text ads the hyperlink is created on the bottom line of the ad). Clicking the hyperlink will increment the click count for that ad and then take the user to the given URL. If no URL is entered then no hyperlink is created.

Display URL

This is used to display on the last line of text ads and also in the status bar of the web browser for all ad types. This field is limited to 35 chars so usually represents the base website of the link without the "http://" for example

URL Target

Used for the target property of the hyperlink. If left blank clicking the ad will bring the subsequent page up in the current web browser. If set to something else (for example "_new") then it is displayed in a separate web browser.

Banner Filename
(Banner Ad only)

For Banner ad types only. Before creating a banner ad the image must have already been loaded using the File Manager. This field provides a dropdown list of all images loaded using the file manager to choose from for your Banner Ad image.

Banner Image Alt Text
(Banner Ad only)

For Banner ad types only. This text is displayed as a "popup hint" when the user moves the mouse over the banner image.

Text Ad Headline
(Text Ad only)

For Text ad types only. This text will be displayed on the top line of the text ad as a hyplerlink using the value of the Destination URL. This field is limited to 25 chars.

Text Ad Description
(Text Ad only)

For Text ad types only. This field will form the body of the text ad and is limited to 70 chars.

Advert Placement

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There are several positions available for advertising on your site including a banner position at the top of the page and smaller ones down the left and right hand sides of the page.


  1. On the Advertising Placement screen, click the Edit link for the relevant advertising position to change the placement. 


    Some advert positions may be fixed and cannot be changed. Where the club/association only has a LITE account none of the advertising placements will be able to be changed.

  2. The Advert Placement edit screen is displayed.

  3. There are three options to choose from when setting an ad placement:
    No Advert: Nothing is displayed in the given advert position.
    Use Own Advert: An advert that you have created and selected in the given advertising position.
    Use SportzVault adverts: Ads are sourced from the InteractSport advertising server.
  4. If you choose Use Own Advert you will be required to select an ad from the drop down list (ads can be created using the Advert Maintenance screen, see above). When choosing your own ad only those that fit within the given dimensions of the advertising position will be able to be selected.
  5. To preview an ad to see what it looks like before saving, press the Preview button.
  6. To save changes, click Update to save your changes, or Cancel to cancel your changes.

Advertising Statistics

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Options for statistics: