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Additionally, once your program settings have been established, you can apply for sanctioning through your NSO by submitting your program application for approval.

If the NSO has determined that program sanctioning is not required, the programs can be automatically approved by the system. See Approval step below.


Public information
Public information
Information visible on the public portal

Program information is made visible on the NSO website (as well as the club/association/private provider websites, where they exist ).  

It is also made visible through a program finder that can be used by the NSO and club/association/private provider to channel interested participants to online registration.




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Program Slots
Program Slots

Each program can be run in different program time slots.  

Click the Delete link of a time slot to delete the time slot (this only works for time slots where no registrants have been enrolled)

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Click the Edit link of a time slot to edit the detail or click Add New Program Slot button to add a new program slot to the list.
The program slot details screen will open.

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Date of the weekSelect from the dropdown list
Start TimeEnter the start time on the first day of the program.
Activity Start DateEnter the start date for the program.
End DateEnter the last date of the program.
Program Type

Variations of program running simultaneously.

For example, NetSetGo

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Program CostThe cost of the program for the registrant.
Online Registration open dateThe first date when online registrations are made available.
Online Registration close dateThe last date when online registrations are made available.
Registration limitThe limited number of registrants for a program.
Registration periodThe registration period in which the program is running.
StatusSelect whether the program is Active (available for registration) or Inactive (no longer available for registration).
Register participants toSelect the organisation name of the association to which the registrants will be registered.
DescriptionOptional text relating to the program.


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Coach 1-4Coach names, selected from the list of available coaches.

Click the Update button to save program slot details.

Click the Close button to close the screen without saving deatils.


Private information

This information does not appear on the public portal of the NSO.  It is used by admin staff internally to manage the program, for example, specify delivery details for program packs.


The status of a program determines where it is in the approval process:


Program established by an organisation but not yet submitted to the NSO for approval.
PendingProgram submitted to the NSO for approval, but not yet approved.
DeactivatedProgram deactivated by the NSO.
ApprovedProgram approved by the NSO.


Click Update Changes to save changes or Update Changes and Return... button to save changes and return to the Program Manager screen.

Click Return button to return to the Program Manager screen without saving the latest changes.