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Using the ResultsVault Menu page 

The ResultsVault menu page is the easiest way to integrate ResultsVault pages into an external website. This page provides a simple pull down menu to access all public ResultsVault pages, and is suitable for hosting within an IFRAME on your site. Furthermore, querystring arguments can be passed in to control the behaviour of the page.

Menu URL: http://[sport] (eg,

  • &entityid=e - (required) the ID* of the club/association to display results for
  • &width=w - controls the width (px) of the pages within the internal iframe
  • &height=h - controls the height (px) of the pages within the internal iframe
  • &showname=1/0 - displays the name of the club/association at the top of the page 1=show, 0 or omitted, hide
  • &css=path to css - allows an external css file to be specified to enable overriding of styles
*See the links table below for your entityid

For example you could use the following on a page in your website: 

Please contact us for more information about using an external css file.



Looking for a club web site? SportzVault allows you to build a great looking site in a matter of minutes - and it integrates with ResultsVault. 
Visit for more information.


Linking directly to MyNetball pages

You can use the following urls to use as links within the pages of your club website in order to link directly to the MyNetball pages which contain information relevant to your club.
As we use cookies in our site, it is necessary to use these links when accessing from outside MyNetball - otherwise unpredictable results could occur.

Where pages are dependent on a round (eg match results) the current round will be displayed, which can then be changed by the user.

For example, to link (and popup a new browser window) directly to the team selection page you could use the link:
<A HREF="*" TARGET="_blank">Team Selections</A>

Control of headers and footers

For clubs and associations with separate web sites (not including SportzVault sites - as integration is already built in), 
it may be desirable to link to MyNetball content in a FRAME or an IFRAME. 
In this case, you may want to hide the standard MyNetball headers and footers. 
To do this, simply replace the uat-netball in the url with uat-netball2 - for example*

*xxx should be replaced by the appropriate entity ID as listed in the links table below.