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  • Confirm Match Results
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This screen allows a match result to be confirmed. After match results have been entered by one team, the opposing team confirms or disputes the result, and the association finalizes the result, resolving any disputes in the process.

Usually the home team will enter the match result, and the away team will confirm or dispute it. Other scenarios are supported:

  • Match result entry by the away team, in this case the home team confirms or disputes.
  • Entry of a disputed result by the home or away team, in this case the other team cannot confirm or dispute the match.

Match confirmation is only available where an association has enabled the feature. Only the entry of match scores is subject to confirmation, not the entry of individual player results and scores (that are entered by the appropriate club).


Clubs confirm or dispute the information provided on the confirmation page.  This does not include individual player scores (that are not part of the confirmation process). Confirmation serves to indicate that both sides agree on the final match score.


For example, Club A refers to the club that enters the result for a particular match (this may either be the home or away club). Club B refers to the side that is playing Club A in that match.

  • Confirming a result
    Only Club B can confirm the result. Select the Confirm result option within the Actions section and click the Update button.
  • Disputing a result

    Both Club A and Club B can dispute the result. Select the Dispute result option within the Actions section. This will display a text box in which the reasons for the dispute may be entered. Text entered in this box will then display as Confirmation Comments for the appropriate Club. Click the Update button to save. This will also send a notification email to the opposing club, and the Association notifying of the dispute.