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This page allows a club to designate one or more contacts to receive communications from the affiliated parent organisations.

It also provides an option to list club personnel in the PDF handbook generated by the association/parent organisation.

To set up or modify a designated contact for a parent organisation:

  • Select a parent organisation from the dropdown list.
  • Use Add a new designated contact to select a person from the dropdown list of person records that appears. (you can also include records that do not have a current role in the system by). Use the Add button to finalize selection of the person (or Cancel to cancel the addition).
  • Update Options to indicate whether the designated contact should Receive Email, Receive SMS from the parent organisation and/or appear in the PDF Handbook

  • Use the Remove option to delete an already designated contact.
  • No changes are saved until the Update all changes button is clicked.


People listed should have either an email address, or mobile phone number against their record. If not, the record will be shown with a light red background (meaning there is no way to contact that person). If the List in PDF Handbook option is checked, a Title can optionally be entered (such as Delegate/Secretary) to appear in the PDF handbook for that person.

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