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The Honour Board allows the recording of end of season honours and awards by a Club or Association. Awards can be recorded for each season by selecting the appropriate season from the selector bar.

This feature follows the same functionality as Office Bearers, but the information captured for each new item differs slightly (see below).

Creating new items

  1. Click the Create Item image next to the item where the new item will appear under (ie this will be a 'child' item). For example, to create an item at the top level, click the image next to the Honour Board item.
  2. Enter a title for the item (the default is New item).
  3. Select the person for this item (ie the Person who received honours or an award this season) by choosing from players or contacts. 
  4. Optionally enter further details about the honour as free text - e.g. the number of votes obtained.
  5. Click the OK link to update this information.

  6. The item will display in the relevant location in the tree.
  7. To cancel changes click the Cancel link instead of the OK link.