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These settings only apply to the grades for the selected season.


Season is locked for this gradeChecking this box will prevent:
  • changing teams within the grade.
  • editing ladder configuration.
  • editing pools configuration.
  • changing the calculated ladders - manual ladders cannot be entered, automatic ladders will not be recalculated.
  • adding or modifying ladder adjustments.
  • editing the draw/fixture.

The public display of fixtures and ladders is not affected. If required, the season can be unlocked, in which case the above features will become available. 

All grades for the previous season can optionally be locked when a new season is selected* via the Competition Settings screen by the organisation that manages the competition (e.g. the association). 
*(occurs the first time the new season is selected, provided the date of the last match in the previous season was more than one month in the past). 

It is recommended to keep information from past seasons locked to prevent accidental change. 
Ladders & Fixture are published for this grade

This is the same setting as on the Manage Draw screen. If this is unchecked, any ladder or fixture for this grade/season will not be available on public sites (a message will display indicating the ladder/fixture has not been published).

In the case of ladders, both this setting and the Visible on public sites setting within the Ladder Configuration must both be checked for the ladder to be visible. Setting the 'published' setting will automatically set all ladders for that grade/season to visible.

Allow clubs to edit draws and manual laddersChecking the box allows clubs to modify draws and ladders (only applicable where the association is not actively managing the competition).
Match Type

Changes the Match Type of the grade. This may affect how match results are entered, and is not relevant for all sports.

The match type is usually set at the time of draw creation. Although it may be changed here, it is not advised to do so if match results have already been entered within the grade.

Number of seeds to display (KO comps only)

This applies to knockout competitions/tournaments only. This affects the number of participant/team names that display their seed number.

For example, if the competition has a field of 128, and this setting is 16, then seeds 1 to 16 will display as Team Namex where x is the seed number.

The remaining 112 teams will not display a seed number.

Fixture Slots

Select the Add New Fixture Slot link to add a new fixture slot.



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