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This page allows Ladders Points Schemes to be set up and modified. Ladder Points schemes define how the ladder points of automatically calculated ladders are determined. Schemes are defined by the organisation managing the competition, and can be reused across any number of grades and seasons. In this way, 'standard' schemes can be defined which simplify the creation of ladders.

When configuring ladders, where there are more than one ladder defined within a grade/season, they all must use the same ladder points scheme. This essentially means that a match is worth the same points irrespective of the ladder it is included in, not allowing for ladder adjustments applicable to each individual ladder.


Adding a new Ladder Points Scheme

  • Click the Add New Ladder Points Scheme link.
  • Complete the details as listed below.

Editing a Ladder Points Scheme

  1. Click the Edit link of the Ladder Points Scheme you wish to edit.
  2. Click the Update button to save changes, or click the Back to Ladder Points Scheme Management link to return to the main management screen.

     Changing points where ladders are using the points scheme will affect the ladder the next time it is recalculated. To ensure that ladders from previous seasons do not get inadvertently recalculated when a scheme is changed, do one of the following:

    • As soon as the last match of a fixture is more than one month in the past, the ladder will not be recalculated overnight. However, the ladder can still be recalculated. If the grade/season is locked, this will also prevent this.
    • or, edit the ladder configuration of the previous season and change to MANUAL calculation mode.
    • or, create a new Ladder Points Scheme instead of editing and existing one.
    Points Scheme Name

    Give a descriptive name, as this will be used within the Ladder Configuration screen when selecting a Ladder Points scheme to apply.

    Automatically add bonus points to match pointsIf bonus points have been configured and entered (see below), then these bonus points are added to the ladder points that have been calculated based on the result type. The only time this would normally be unchecked where bonus points have been specified, is when using a ladder percentage within a Ladder Display Scheme that just relates to bonus points.
    Also add custom bonus points 
    Points entry tableThe table allows entry of points for:
    • Result types - e.g. whether a team won or lost. Items with a coloured background indicate that this result type has been disabled via the Competition Settings screen, and won't be available for selection when entering a match result. If the result type was disabled after the result type had been used in a match, you should still enter points for it.
    • Byes - if applicable for the fixture
    • Bonus points for various scores or milestones (if configured) - these are indicated with a coloured background as indicated within the table
    Default Points Scheme 

Deleting a Ladder Points Scheme

  • Click the Delete link of the Ladder Points Scheme you wish to delete.
  • Ladder Points Schemes that are used in one or more ladders cannot be deleted. In this case the schemes must first be removed from all ladders that are using it.

Merging Ladder Points Schemes

Any Ladder Points Schemes that are used by one or more ladders may be merged. This means that any ladders that used the 'source' scheme are updated to use the 'target' scheme, and the 'source' scheme is then deleted. This can be used when two schemes are essentially the same, but should be used with care, as all ladders that used the 'source' scheme will immediately change to reflect the 'target' scheme. This option only displays when there are two or more schemes that are used by one or more ladders.
  • Select the 'source' scheme from the left-hand dropdown list
  • Select the 'target' scheme from the righ-hand dropdown list
  • Click Go - the schemes are immediately merged, however points will not be updated on ladders until the next time the ladder is recalculated.

When do ladder configuration changes take effect?

If a change is made to anything that affects a ladder's points or percentage, the changes will only take effect from the next time the ladder is calculated whether this is overnight, or by doing a recalculation via the Ladder Maintenance screen e.g.:
  • setting up a new ladder   .    
  • changing the points scheme of an existing ladder.
  • modifying the points scheme that is in use by one or more ladders.
  • changing match results.


If a change is made to anything that affects a ladder's display, the changes will take effect immediately e.g.:
  • changing the display scheme of an existing ladder.
  • modifying the display scheme that is in use by one or more ladders.
  • setting the public visibility of a ladder.

However, one exception here is changing the percentage calculation method (simple mode) or adding a complex calculated field (advanced mode) within a display scheme in that this information displayed in the ladder will not change until the next time the ladder is calculated.