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This page allows pools to be set up and modified so that they can be used when creating fixtures and ladders. A Pool Group defines a set of pools. There can be one or more pool groups set up for a particular grade/season, each containing (usually) two or more pools. Teams are added to each pool as required.


Adding a new Pool Group

Click the Add New Pool Group link.
Complete the details as listed below under Editing a Pool Group.

Editing a Pool Group


Click the Edit link of the Pool Group you wish to edit.

Pool Group NameEnter a descriptive name, this is used when assiging a pool group to a ladder
Apply this pool to fixture for match formats

When creating a fixture for this grade/season, pools can be separately configured for each Match Format. Select either All Formats, or the individual Formats. This step must be done before creating the fixture, otherwise the fixture will not take into account the pool structure.

Each Format can only be used once in a grade/season, so if creating more than one Pool Group, the same Match Format cannot be used in more than one of the groups.
If using different pool groups for different match formats, the fixture creator assumes that each round of the fixture contains only matches of the same format.
The match formats selected here are different to those defined in Ladder configuration, and any pool group defined can be used in any ladder.


Adding a New Pool

Create the desired number of Pools within the Pool Group by clicking Add New Pool.

For each Pool:

Pool Name*This will be used within the fixture and/or ladder(s) to identify the pool.
Sort OrderThis will set the sort order that pools are displayed in within the fixture and/or ladder(s).
Teams in this pool

Choose the teams that belong to the pool by selecting from the Available Teams list and clicking Add -> to add to the Teams in this pool list.

Each team must be used once only across pools within the same pool group. Any teams not assigned, or assigned to more than one pool, will be indicated, and the Group will not be able to be saved until it has been corrected.
To remove a Pool from a Pool Group, selected the Pool from the Teams in this pool list and click <-Remove.

*Required field

When all changes have been made to a pool group, click the Update button or click the Back to Pools Management link to return to the main management screen.


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