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Enter votes for voted awards in this screen.



Selecting the match and award

The selected match details display in the Match Header. To select a different match, use the selector bar to select the Season, Round and Grade, then click Go.

Selecting an action

If you have access to enter votes in this match, the Actions panel will display.
Depending on the rules set for the award relating to the number of voters that are allowed, and whether votes have already been entered, you may be able to:
  • Enter a new set of votes.
  • Edit your own votes that you previously entered.
  • Edit or delete votes entered by others.
  • Do nothing - i.e. if there have already been the maximum number of votes entered.

Follow the prompts within the Actions panel that will guide you in the actions (if any) you can take.

Entering (or editing) votes

The rules relating to votes entry are displayed at the top of the screen including:
  • Minimum and maximum number of players that you can enter votes for in this match.
  • Minimum and maximum number of votes that you can enter for each player you vote for in this match.
  • Minimum and maximum total number of votes you can allocate for this match.
  • Number of separate voters for this match - each voter enters a separate set of votes relating to the rules above.

Your user name will be pre-filled within the Votes awarded by text box. Depending on your level of access, you may be able to change this.
For example, an admin user entering votes on behalf of someone else would need to change the name here.
Enter votes as per the rules above against each applicable player. Leave all other text boxes blank where you are not awarding votes to a player.