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An organisation can set up any number of awards whereby authorised users can enter votes for players who participate in each match. The system tallies these votes and presents an ongoing total to the organisation's principal user. At the end of the season the results can be published to the public portal if desired.

Awards features

  • Awards are based on an individual season (i.e. they apply to matches played within the application grades for that season). Once the season is over, an award can be copied to the next season.
  • Awards may apply to all grades, or a selection of grades.
  • The votes may be 'combined' across the selected grades (i.e. votes earned in different grades go towards one overall ladder), or there may be separate ladders for each grade under the same award name.
  • Flexible validation rules (e.g. number of votes entered, maximum, minimum votes) can be entered per award, and also per grade within an award.
  • The public reports can be disabled and enabled at any time - however, the principle user of the organisation can always view.
  • For organisations that manage competitions, awards can be set up in both 'Competition Management' and 'Competition Participation' modes (i.e. depending on which Menu the Awards Management page is accessed from).
    The main differences are:
    • Competition Management mode : Votes entered for an award can be for players of both competing teams, and can optionally allow umpires/referees that are allocated to the match to enter votes.
    • Competition Participation mode: Votes entered for an award can only be for players from the organisation that created the award.
      For example, a club may set up an award for their own 'MVP' whereby only votes are awarded to their players in a given match.
  • Different user groups and the principle user can be given access to enter votes in accordance with these access rules:
    • The principle user may enter votes on behalf of themselves or another voter, and edit or delete existing votes (even those entered by other users).
    • Other authorised admin users may enter votes on behalf of themselves or another voter, and edit only those existing votes which they have previously entered.
    • If applicable, logged in umpires/referees may enter and edit votes for themselves only. They cannot enter votes on behalf of another voter.
  • All voting is audited.

Once the maximum number of 'Vote Entries*' for a particular match has been exceeded, no new entries can be made, and existing entries can be edited or deleted within the rules set above


Awards management

To create a new award, click the Add new award link. This will open the Vote Entry screen where award details can be entered.
Existing awards (if any) for the selected season are displayed in the table, displaying:
  • Award Name
  • Status - i.e. whether the award can be viewed via the public websites.
  • Grade List - the list of grades that apply to the award, with the number of 'Vote Entries*' for that grade.
  • View link - a link to the public reports (ladder, round by round) for that award. The principle user will always be able to view by using this link, whereas any other user (or visitors to the public pages) will only be able to view if the public view status has been enabled.
  • Edit link - a link to edit the award definition. This will open the Award Edit screen where award details can be modified.
  • Enter Votes link - access to enter votes in accordance with the access rules above.
  • Delete link - An award can be deleted only if there have been no votes entered against that award.

    A 'Vote Entry' is a set of votes entered by a single voter for a given match. It may consist of votes for one or more players, depending of the configuration of that award.

Copying Awards

To copy award definitions between seasons:
  • Select the source (from) season in the season dropdown list in the top selector bar and click Go to display awards.
  • In the Select column of the table, check the checkbox of awards to copy.
  • Select the target (to) season in the Select season to copy to dropdown list.
  • Click the Copy button.

    Rules for copying Awards:

    • Awards cannot be copied to/from the same season.
    • If there is already an award with the same name present in the target season, that award is not copied.
    • Only the award definition is copied and votes that have been entered within the 'from' season are not copied.