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Sign up forms provide organisations with the ability to receive payments and process registrations online. 

Click the Add New Online Registration Form link to create a new form or the Edit icon to make changes to an existing form.

Some governing bodies have provided templates to assist their members in setting up forms and to ensure that the relevant data is captured. If no templates are available, blank forms can be created. 


Form set up can be broken down into the following 5 components:


General Settings

Form Type

The form type determines some overall purpose of the form. Different types will be available for different organisations and each type may have different behaviour:
Standard Registration Form: Used for the purpose of registering a member to an organisation or event.
Team Lodgement: This option is available for any organisation with COMPETITION MANAGEMENT enabled. Allows for new teams (entity teams) to be lodged with an organisation which can optionally be integrated into a Team Nomination process. Team Renewal: This option is available for any organisation with COMPETITION MANAGEMENT enabled. Allows for existing teams (entity teams) to be renewed for a new season.


This displays at the top of the Sign up form.

Welcome Page Top Description

Text entered here will display at the top on the Welcome Page. Click on Edit to open the HTML editor that can be used to add style to the text.


ACTIVE - the form is publicly available and may be accessed via the Public Access URLs or via the club finder in the public portal.

INACTIVE - the form is not publicly available and can only be previewed with the provided links.

TEST MODES - the form is only available by clicking the Public Access URLs.

When in test mode, the public form displays a red label indicating that it is in test mode. Forms that are being set up should be set to test mode and only switched to ACTIVE when they have been finalised.

Anyone trying to access a form when in TEST MODE, without the correct access URL, will be denied access.

TEST MODE ACCESS, TEST MODE GATEWAY - When both the form and payment gateway are set to test mode (if the gateway supports it) then transactions made through the form will establish a connection to your gateway but no funds will be processed. All gateways have different ways of operating under test mode. Contact support for more information.

TEST MODE ACCESS, PROD MODE GATEWAY - When the form is in test mode and the payment gateway is set to production mode, a real card must be supplied for live gateway testing.

If the SIMULATED gateway is selected (see below) funds are never processed regardless of the TEST MODE selected above.


Governing bodies may have a predefined disclaimer that must be used. Some organisations will be able to create their own disclaimers. A disclaimer will contain the terms of use for your sign up form and must be agreed to before the sign up process can be completed.

Contact Name

Enter the name of the person or organisation that should be contacted with any queries relating to this form.  Also, any confirmation emails sent to customers are sent from this name.

Contact Email

Enter the email address that queries will be sent to. Also, any confirmation emails sent to customers are sent from this address, and their replies will come back to this address.



Payment Settings

Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is displayed here. This can only be setup by contacting support.

Allow Offline Payment

Check the box if you also wish to enable 'offline' payment (i.e. where a customer needs to pay after the signup via a manual method such as mailing a cheque).

If offline payment is selected, the customer will have access to print a form, complete it and send it in.

Offline Payment Description

Text entered here will display on the payment page. Editing this text will open our HTML editor that can be used to add style to the text. This text should briefly describe the process for making offline payments (i.e. instructions for direct deposits, details for paying by cheque etc.)

Currency format

Enter the currency symbol - e.g. $.

Tax Description

Enter a tax description if applicable - e.g. GST.

Tax rate (%)

Enter a tax rate if applicable.

All product prices specified must be inclusive of any tax (i.e the system does not add tax on to these prices). The tax collected is calculated in other reports.

Form fields

Personal fieldsThese are fixed in the order they appear on the form. You will not be able to make changes to these fields. Some fields are locked and mandatory by default and must appear on all forms.
Other fieldsYou can add additional standard fields or your own custom fields to sign up forms. Optionally enter a display name for the field. If you don't enter a display name, the field label will be that of the field itself. You can change the order of appearance of the fields by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.


Registration Type/Products

Products can be added to forms as either a radio button or checkbox option. 

Radio ButtonWhen using the form, users will only be able to select one radio button item at a time. Products that are linked with a registration type can only be added in the radio button format.
Check boxWhen using the form, users can select multiple checkbox options. Saleable items can only be added as checkbox options.

Products can only be selected in one of the sections - i.e it is not possible to select as both a 'radio' and 'checkbox' item.



Advanced settings

Behaviour options

Manually approve all new registrantsPlayers that did not exist in the database prior to registering will need to be manually approved in order to activate their records,
Create Logins for new registrants

An invitation will be sent to new participants to allow them to create a participant login. It is recommended that this option be checked, as having a login makes future online purchases easier.

Use Simple Mode Process

The aim of simple mode is to streamline the information gathering process. It should only be used on forms that have a single product which does not require an online payment.

Simple Mode:

  • Removes Product selection from the sign up process, the first listed product is automatically selected.
  • Removes the Disclaimer section from the sign up process.
  • Removes the participant Detail review section from the sign up process.
  • Removes the Payment Screen from the sign up process, payments are automatically accepted.
Omit pay by credit card information from offline payment form This removes the section for credit card details from the offline payment printout.
Display payment split information if possibleIncludes a breakdown of the distribution of the payment within the organisation hierarchy in the registration detail section of a participant's record.
Allow sign ups on behalf of family membersThis activates family discount options for participants that have logged in to register.

Allow no team preference

When signing up for a team, players can choose to not select an existing team. Players that choose to do this will need to be assigned to a team by administrators.

Syndication options

Syndicate to Entity TeamsWhen registering, participants will be able to select an entity team.
Syndicate to affiliated CLUBSWhen registering, participants will be able to select from a list of affiliated clubs.
Syndicate to affiliated ASSOCIATIONSWhen registering, participants will be able to select from a list of affiliated associations.
Syndicate to affiliated ZONESWhen registering, participants will be able to select from a list of affiliated zones.
Syndicate to affiliated REGIONSWhen registering, participants will be able to select from a list of affiliated regions.
Syndicate to affiliated STATESWhen registering, participants will be able to select from a list of affiliated states.
Syndicate only to direct affiliatesOnly organisations with a direct connection to your organisation (i.e. Parent / Child) will be displayed.

To save your changes, click the Update button. 


To get the Form links, click on the Edit icon for an existing form.


Public LinksThis displays the URL for the form which can be published on a website or shared via email and social media. 
Admin PreviewMembership signup forms can be accessed either via the ResultsVault public site, or via a SportzVault web site. The links have an embedded parameter which allows the forms to be displayed, even if they are not in the ACTIVE status (i.e. TEST MODE). 
Social Media ShareShare buttons are provided to directly share to the most common social media platforms.



What is membership signup?

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