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Products represent the items that participants will be able to purchase through an online payment form.

There are 2 types of product available:

  • Membership Subscription - Designed for taking online registrations
  • Saleable item - Useful for listing optional extras and physical items

Click Add Membership Subscription Product to create a new product or the Edit icon to edit an existing item

This opens the Membership Signup Form - Edit Product screen. Enter or change information as follows:


This is what will display as the main product name.


Options will vary depending on the type of organisation

Membership - annual memberships

Team lodgement - Use to register new teams to an event

Team renewal - Used to register returning teams to an event

Course registration - Links the item to a course. This is generally applied automatically to e-learning products

Event/program registration - Links the item to an event. This is generally applied automatically to by our event management suite

Team Join - Allows players to join a team that exists in the database.


This is a longer description of the product, which will display underneath the product name on a signup form.


Price of the product (must be inclusive of any tax specified). Enter prices in the same currency set up on your membership form. Changing the price after any products have been sold do not affect these previous sales.

Advanced pricing allows for family discount pricing to be set.


Select a product class from one of two main types: Membership Subscription or Saleable item

Number available

The number of participants that can register or items you have in stock. If this field is left blank no limit will be applied.

Available until

Participants will not be able to buy the product after this date.


Check the box to make the product active. Any products made inactive will not be able to be selected on a membership form (even if the form has previously been set up to include them).

Subscription settings

For display purposes only. These dates will be used to show participants the duration of the subscription that they are purchasing. When a person puchases this product their record will be assigned the seleced role.

Registration Settings

Automatically Register Participant To: Typically this will be the Association which runs the competition that clubs or teams are competing in

Registration Type: Registration type requirements will be specified by the competition provider. If you are uncertain or these have not been set up they should be able to help you further

Registration Period: The term for which the participant will be registered, this is typically the duration of the current season.

Discount fields

General Discount: This value will be deducted from the price of the product. People purchasing the product will see the original price, the price discounted price and the discount description text

Early Discount: This value will be deducted from the price of the product for purchases made prior to the Early Discount Cutoff Date. People purchasing the product will see the original price, the discounted price and the date that the discount will end.




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