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A person record is a complete profile that contains basic personal details, assigned roles and associated attributes, additional details (captured using custom fields) and payment information.


  1. To Create a Person Record, first search for the Person in the Person List (see Searching Person Record - Using Add New Person Screen).
  2. Once you've determined that the Person is not already found in the Person List, you may add them by clicking the Create New Person button.

  3. Enter the Person details as described below.
  4. Click Add to add the Person.

Your organisation will determine which fields are mandatory when entering a new person record. These required fields will be marked with an asterisk (*).

In addition, the following rules apply to information entered on this screen:

  • First Name and Last Name may not contain numbers.
  • Phone numbers, mobile numbers and fax numbers, if entered, must contain 10 digits, including area code where applicable. Certain characters such as ()- and spaces are also allowed.
  • Postcode, if entered, must contain 4 digits only.




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