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This screen allows the maintenance of participant logins.  This is distinct from administrative logins that are maintained for 'Users' who administer the system.  Administrative logins are maintained by the organisation separately (see Manage Admin Users).

Participant logins allow participants (i.e. anyone who has had a person record created within any organisation) to login using their numerical ID to update their own details, change their password, and depending on the Roles they hold within various organisations, do things such as edit their availability for selection/allocation or view other statistics relevant to them.

These types of logins do not give access to normal administrative tasks (such as updating scores etc).


Background - Participant Logins

In general, any participant with a valid email address entered in their person record can login to:

  • Edit their own details
  • Change their password
  • View a list of organisations that their record is associated with, and in certain cases (namely where the person holds NO ROLE at an organisation), to remove the ability for that organisation to edit their record.
  • Sign up and/or purchase items or memberships as configured by parent organisations.

Where a particpant holds either a PLAYER or UMPIRE Role at an organisation, they can also 'select' that organisation and access extra information/features.

A participant must have a valid email address entered on their record before a login can be created for them. A participant can also create their own login by clicking the appropriate link on the Login page and entering their numerical ID (provided their email address has already been entered).

Managing logins

Screen Overview

Participant Searching and Filtering

The list of participants within your organisation is displayed on the Participant Login Management screen. For those organisations that have more than a few hundred participants it is advisable to use the Person Filter options.  You have the ability to filter by the following criteria:

  • Person Role and Sub role (i.e. PLAYER, UMPIRE, TEAM OFFICIAL)
  • Person Name or part name
  • Account Status (See below for an explanation of possible account status values)
To Execute the search press the "Search Persons" button.
The list is limited to displaying the first 5000 records only.  If more than that exist you will need to enter other search criteria to reduce the size of the list.
At the top right hand corner of the results list you can type in any value in the Quick Filter box to further filter the displayed records.  The Quick Filter works on all displayed fields (ie ID, Name, Email Address, Current Roles etc)
When you first display the screen all participants records are displayed (ie no filters are applied) up to 5000 records (see above)

Account Status

The participant login account can have the following status:

NO_ACCOUNTNo account exists for this participant (an account can be created).
INVALID_EMAILNo account exists for this participant but their email address is missing or invalid (no account can be created until this is rectified).
ACTIVEParticipant has an account which is active.
LOCKED Participant has an account which is locked (perhaps they have entered the wrong password too many times).
DELETED Participant has an account which has been marked Deleted.

Participant List

After the search is performed results, are displayed in the results table with the following columns:

SelectThis is a checkbox for each record to indicate you want to select this record.
IDThe internal ID of the participant.
EditA link to edit the participant details.
EmailThe email address for the participant.
Last LogonIf the participant has logged on then this is the date of their last logon, otherwise this will be blank.
Current RolesCommas separated list of roles the participant has in this organisation.
StatusThe current Status for the participant login account (see description of possible Status's above.
Valid ActionsA list of valid actions that can be performed against this login account.  If you choose an action that is not valid the action will not be performed for this participant.


Where a login already exists for the person concerned, that row will have a light green background otherwise there will be no background.

Where a login account has been locked or deleted, the text will be displayed as orange or red.


Performing Bulk Actions

To perform any number of actions in bulk for one, or more than one participants:

  • Select which participants you would like the action to apply to.  
    This can be done one by one via checking the checkboxes or clicking the Select All or Select Visible Only checkboxes an the top left hand corner of the results table.  
    • Select All will select all those participants in the result list across all pages.  
    • Select Visible Only will only select those participants visible on the first page of the results list.

  • Select the required Bulk Action from the bulk action dropdown list (explanation of actions below).
  • Click on the Perform Action button.
If the chosen bulk action is not applicable for a participant, then no action is performed for that participant record. 

The following bulk actions are available:

Create LoginsA login account is created for the participant and an email )the welcome email) containing their details is emailed to the participant.
Create Logins or Resend if createdAs above but if the participant already has a login account the "welcome email" is resent.
Reset PasswordsThis will change the password to a random password, unlock a locked account, and send a password reset email to the participant.
Unlock AccountsUnlock the account for a participant.  The login will lock after a certain number of consecutive unsuccessful login attempts.
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