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The registration of players is often required by associations for purposes of checking player eligibility and tracking.


  • Players are not automatically registered for associations the club is affiliated with.  Registration is a separate process to the creation of the player record (within the person list).  
  • A player remains registered to an association until you choose to "de-register" them, so you do not have to register a player each season. 



Selecting a player for registration management

  1. Use the person filter options to find a particular player, or multiple players, within the player list.
  2. Click Search to display player list results.

  1. Select one or more individual players from the list using the Select checkbox on the left of the player's name in the player list.
    Select the Select All (current page) checkbox to select all players displayed on the screen.
  2. Optionally use the  Quick Filter to filter the player list further.

    The registration status of a player is displayed. Registered players are highlighted as a visual cue.

Registering a player

  1. Select one or more players to register using the step Selecting a Player for Registration Management above.
  2. Select Register as the Action in the dropdown list.
  3. Click the Perform Action button.
  4. The Register Participants screen will display.
  5. Select the Registration Type from the dropdown list.
  6. Select the Registration Period from the dropdown list.
  7. Click Register Participants button to save changes.


Optional additional Mandatory Fields

An association can determine that some of the player details fields are mandatory before the registration is accepted. If this is the case, a note at the top of the screen will appear indicating "This association has the following mandatory fields:" followed by a list of those fields.  A registration will fail if the required additional mandatory fields are not present for that player.

Editing registration details

The registration record of a player can be edited by Selecting a Player for Registration Management and clicking the Edit  link for that player. 

The fields that can be modified are the registration number itself (that is defaulted to the player's ID number when the registration record is created) and the comment in the registration record.


Removing a registration

If a player is registered by mistake, it is possible to completely remove (i.e. delete) the registration.

Select the player registration (see the Selecting a Player for Registration Management above) and click the Remove button.  If a player has not played any games in grades for the applicable association the registration will be removed. If one or more games have been played, the player will be De-registered instead (see below).


De-registering a player

To de-register a player who no longer plays within an association, select the player registration (see the Selecting a Player for Registration Management above) and click the De-Register button.

The Registration is not deleted, but the Registration status is set to DE-REGISTERED. The system records the date that this occurs.


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