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State body can have quick overview of the total registration amount each affiliated organisation is owing within certain date range through this page.

To view detailed account of each child organisations, click on Detail link:

This will generate a registration account details as below

The following tables indicate the data fields included in the Detail Download Report extract


ent_trans_idThe ID of the entity that initiated the download
transaction_dateThe date the most recent transaction was recorded
entity_idThe ID of the organisation that the current user is logging into
cp_entity_idThe ID of the child organisation
balance_afterThe balance of the account after each transaction.
amountThe current balance of the child organisation's account
amount_debitThe amount debited from the account balance by each transaction
amount_creditThe amount credited to the account by each transaction
trans_type_nameThe name of the transaction type
trans_journalDetails of the transaction
cp_entity_nameThe name of the child organisation
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