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A Person Transfer involves moving an existing person's record to one or more other organisations - which means that only one set of information (name, contact details etc) is maintained for that person. This is the preferred method for moving person records between organisations, as it results in no duplication of information.

Transferring a person does not alter the Roles held by the person within other organisations. It is up to those organisations to remove roles as appropriate. For example if a person is a PLAYER at Club A, and wishes to play at Club B, Club B would initiate the transfer. This adds a PLAYER role for the person at Club B. If the person is no longer playing at Club A, Club A should removed the PLAYER role from the person record.

  1. On the Transfer Person screen, search for the player to transfer by entering their ID or First Name, Middle Name and/or Last Name combination.
  2. Click Search.
  3. A list of Person records will display in the list.
  4. Find the Person record in the list to transfer, and click the Transfer button.
  5. The Transfer Person screen will display.
  6. Enter/Select the transfer options.
    Transfer this person to: Select the Child organisation radiobutton and select from the dropdown list to select which organisation the Person should be transferred to.
    Role: Select the Role from the dropdown list.
    Sub Role(s): Select the sub roles for the role selected.
  7. Click the Transfer button.


  • Before transferring a person record, please ensure that you are aware of any other requirements (such as Player clearance requirements) that may apply.
    The onus is on the organisation initiating the transfer to ensure the record should be transferred.
    For example, if you are from a club and are not sure whether a player requires a clearance, please do not transfer, but contact your association for further information.
  • As a privacy measure, after transferring, the record will not be editable by your organisation for a period of 5 days. Additionally, all personal data will be obscured during this time. However the record can be used, e.g. a player can immediately be selected for matches.
  • An email will be sent to the person advising of the transfer to ensure that he/she is aware of the transfer, and to provide for an opportunity to reverse the process.
  • Emails will also be sent to other organisations where the person has a current role.
  • An audit record will also be created within the system detailing the user that initiated the transfer.
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