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To view a classic Scorecard for all innings, tap on the menu icon at the top right corner of Scoresheet and select "View/Edit Scorecard". Manual adjustments to player scores, penalty runs and team totals can be made on this screen.

Highlighted Features:

(1) To return to Scoresheet, tap on Cancel. This will NOT save any changes that were made.

(2) To adjust summary scores mid innings tap on appropriate score box. There is the ability to change overs, wickets and runs (including penalty runs).

Any change to over value requires that 'Close Innings' is pressed

(3) To edit the dismissal of a player, tap on pencil. The dismissal type can be edited (from out to not out or vice versa) as well as the bowler and fielder.

If editing from out > not out, you will need to make sure there are no more than two 'not out' batters.

(4) To end the match, hit the 'End Match' button. The app will advise if you would like to save and exit for later, or finalise result to sync to Play-Cricket.

(5) To start a new innings, hit the 'Start New Innings' button. This will only activate when the current innings has ben closed. This will give you the option to score using ball by ball or to enter the scores manually.

(6) Manual sync option. The scores sync to Play-Cricket once pressed.

(7) To edit team total, tap and enter Total score.

(8) To award penalty runs to a team, tap and enter value of penalty runs.

(9) To change/rectify number of extras, tap and enter Extras value.

(10) To change/rectify individual player scores (runs or balls faced), tap and enter score.

(11) To close current, tap the option. Once okay'd, the 'Start Next Innings' button will become active.

(12) Tap to save all changes. Changes made on the scorecard are not saved until 'Done' is pressed. 



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