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SportzVault - The Essentials


By now, you should have received an automated email containing a login and password along with a link to our admin area.  

Once you have logged in you will need to set the mode to Website (SportzVault).  

The mode is set in the top right hand corner of the screen by selecting from the drop down Menu Mode.

All SportzVault tasks are performed in Website (SportzVault) Mode, in this mode the following menus will always be available:




The content menu gives you access to all of the tools you will require to create and manage the content displayed on your site including news and event items, image galleries, custom HTML pages and the file manager.


File Manager

The file manager is probably the most important tool available to website administrators as it is used to house all of the content (images, documents, downloads, etc...) that will appear on the site.  Advertisements, Photo Galleries, Custom Pages and Official Documents will all draw on files uploaded in the file manager.

The width and height of images uploaded in the file manager will have an impact on the way they display on your website. It is recommended that you resize images before uploading them so that they meet the space requirements outlined in your site map when you use them.



To upload a file:

  1. Select the folder you wish to upload the file(s) to. Files and Images will form the major categories used to catalogue your files and any number of sub directories can be created beneath these headings.
  2. Click to open the upload window and browse for the files you wish to upload. You can select multiple files by holding the CTRL key
  3. Click ok to begin the upload 


Navigate: Content > File Manager



Displaying News items on your site keeps vistors and members up to date with what is happening around the club and fosters a feeling of community involvement.

The News item editor appears as below:

To add a news item:

  1. Give the news item a title so it can be saved and integrated into the site
  2. The time and date will specify when a news item was posted, the expiry date will determine when the news item will be archived
  3. To display the news item in the flash news rotator (Skinned sites only) Check the 'Show as news highlight' Box
  4. A Floating image can be added to the news item by selecting the file from the File Manager. Images being used in the news rotator must have the correct dimensions.
  5. The text editor will allow you to use HTML to format the news article. If HTML is to be imported into the editor it is important to validate the code before saving and publishing to ensure it functions as intended.


Navigate: Content > News - click on the add news item link to open the editor.



Having events displayed on your site keeps your visitors and members in the loop regaurding community activities scheduled for the coming season.


Navigate: Content > Events


Slideshow Gallery

A Slideshow Gallery is a great way to organise and display photographs in an orderly way.


Navigate: Content > Slideshow Gallery


Custom HTML Pages

Using the custom page editor is the most effective way of linking additional content to your site. Custom pages can be used to house Documents for download, photo galleries, embedded videos and personal pages.

Page templates can be created to allow you to quickly create pages that use the same formatting.



If you wish to display adds on your website these will need to be created in the Advertisment maintenance page. This page links images from your file manager to specified URLs and places them in an assigned ad space. The site map included with this guide will tell you which ad slots are being used by your site and the dimensions required for all images used.

To create an ad go to

  1. Give the advert a name so that it can be assigned a postion
  2. Specify wether the ad will use an image (Banner) or Text only (Text)
  3. Set the destination URL (eg.
  4. Select the image file from the file manager
  5. Save the ad

To determine where an ad is placed go to Site > Advertising > Advert Placement

  1. Decided which advert slot the add will appear in and click the action link in the Advert table.
  2. Select use own advert
  3. Choose the advert you wish to use from your list of saved ads

The advert statistics tab will provide feedback on the number of times people have clicked on your advertisments and followed the links.


Navigate: Site > Advertising > Advert Maintenance



Menu items on the top level of the menu, directly under the root menu, are directly represented in the menu bar on your website. If you want to make changes to these you will need to contact support to ensure that the look of your site is maintained.

Sub menus can be added to each of these top level menu items as required by doing the following.

Click on the icon to add a new sub menu.

Enter the title of the menu and then select the target type directory, this could be a custom html page, photo gallery, file or document, an external website or a built in page.


Navigate: Site > Customisation > Edit Menu



This document should give you an understanding of how the most common and essential tasks for maintaining your website are performed.

For more comprehensive assistance, 'Help on this topic' links are located in the top left hand corner of each utility page. 

Finally, if you have any further questions or require technical assistance with our product, please feel free to contact support.

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