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Typically this occurs in competitions that allow re-grading to occur if a team is winning or losing a large percentage of their matches.




Start by selecting the Source Grade from the dropdown list provided. This will open menus to select the Team to Regrade and the Destination Grade.

Once these selections have been made additional regrading options become available.

Team designation in destination grade determines how existing fixtures in the Destination Grade will be updated.

Team Name in destination grade allows for the Migrated Team to be given a new name. This may be required where a club already has a team in the destination grade.

Options to Copy played matches and ladder points into destination grade and Replace Migrated Team with BYE in the fixture in the source grade are also available




  1. Start by selecting the Source Grade, Team to Regrade and Destination Grade.
  2. Complete the re-grade team options as per the table below.
  3. Click Submit and OK to save your changes.


    It is crucial to review target team & associated grade thoroughly before clicking Submit as it is more complicated to reverse the action & requires manual manipulation

  4. It is recommended that you review the newly re-graded team, including: