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  1. From the Ladder Adjustments Manager screen, select the Add New Adjustment link to add a new adjustment.
  2. Select the Season, Round and Grade and click Go
  3. Complete the details as listed below, then Click Add.  
  4. If an adjustment has already been entered for your selected Season, Round and Grade combination, the following screen will be shown, and you will need to Confirm Overwrite of adjustment to either overwrite the adjustment or select Back to Ladder Adjustments Manager to cancel the change.

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LadderSelect the ladder to adjust, or ALL LADDERS.
PointsEnter a positive number to increase the team's total points within the ladder, or a negative number to reduce the points.
Scores for/againstAdjusts the scores for or against within the ladder.
CommentA comment must be entered for each adjustment, to explain why the adjustment was made.