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This section provides all functions and features available under SportzVault, Website Content Management component. 

Note - certain sporting bodies have an agreement with InteractSport to provide websites tat at no cost o to their affiliated clubs and associations including Swimming Australia and Cricket Australia. 

Public Website

Once you have chosen to utilise a SportzVault Website it needs to be assigned a web address (URL) so that people can access it over the internet. The two options for URL configuration are:

1. SportzVault subdomain

This option gives a friendly url in the form of: http://[club_abbreviation] e.g.
Set up is straightforward, and there are no extra charges involved. Please contact support for further information.

2. Your own domain name

This option gives you complete control over your domain name: e.g.


Please contact support for further information.

We are able to assist in all aspects of domain name registration, DNS service and mail forwarding. Extra charges will apply depending on your requirements, for more details please review our pricing guide


Subdomain and domain support only applies to your public web site, and does not affect the url used to access this Administration site.