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titleCopy Ladder

Ladders can be copied in bulk from one season to another.


Typically ladders are copied when allocating teams to the new grade/season. However, if this is not done at that point, then ladders can be copied here.


Rules for copying ladders:

  • Teams must already have been allocated in the grade/season you wish to copy the ladder(s) to (the 'target' season).
  • Ladders will not be copied where they already exist in the target season.
  • Where pools are in use, attempts will be made to copy this information as well, however any teams that are different between the source and target will not be added to pools.
  • Any copied ladders will be set to 'not visible'. These new ladders must be reviewed, and the visibility enabled accordingly. See Add/Edit Ladder above - Visible on public sites field.


To copy ladders:

  • Select the season to copy from. All ladders in all grades for the season will be displayed.
  • Check the boxes of the ladder(s) you wish to copy from.
  • Select the season to copy to.
  • Click the Copy Selected Ladders button.
  • The results for each ladder will be displayed, i.e whether each copy succeeded or failed, with reasons.