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titleHow does the TV Scoreboard Display work?

Scorers will have the ability to display a scoreboard via an external TV providing they are using an iOS device.


When connected, the scoreboard will automatically update based on the live score input during an innings.


Scoreboard Display:

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Connection methods


The scoreboard display is compatible with all iOS devices using an HDMI cable or Apple TV.


The connection will need to be setup before the External Scoreboard (TV) function can be used.



  • If you wish to use AirPlay to broadcast to an Apple TV, ensure AirPlay Mirroring is switched ‘on’ in the iOS control centre.


  • Once the iPhone/iPad is plugged into a TV using HDMI, the display of the device will be mirrored to that TV, meaning the TV will display what is on the device. When the “External Scoreboard (TV)” option is set to ‘ON’, the display on the TV will change to the scoreboard display.


  • Please ensure the TV’s AV/Input channel is set to the HDMI port the device is plugged into



Sizing and Display


The sizing and display is proportional meaning the display will be adjusted for any size screen to suit – big or small. It has also been optimized for a 16:9 (widescreen) format.



  • For a clearer display, use a TV that has a resolution of 720p or higher.