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ResultsVault Cricket LiveScore FAQ


The Scoresheet is where you live score a match from start to end. To see details for all balls from the current inning, swipe to the left or tap on the "Ball-by-Ball" tab

Highlighted Features:

(1) To return to Matches screen, tap on Save and Exit.

(2) To access additional features, tap on the hamburger menu.

(3) See match summary for team scores.

(4) See runs scored by the current batters at the crease. The batter on strike is indicated by a coloured background around their name. Tapping on the batter will present you with two options - changing the strike batter, or changing this batter with another player. 

(5) See partnership total between the two current batters at the crease.

(6) See current strike bowler. To change bowler, tap on the bowler name to choose from Selected Team players.

(7) See Scoring panel for entering ball-by-ball live match score

(8) To enter a dot ball, use the dot button. To enter runs for the batter on strike, choose from the numbered buttons. 

(9) To enter additional or Penalty runs, tap on (5+) for more options. To start a new Over, tap on (END OVER).

(10) To enter extras, for e.g. 2 leg-byes: tap on (LEG BYE) and then (2). To record a dismissal, use (WICKET) button and choose appropriate options on the Wicket screen.

(11) To access the match setting screens, tap on (MATCH ACTIONS). This is a shortcut to common match actions.

(12) To cancel score entered for a ball in the current over, use the Undo button. 



  • The Undo button can be used to remove any ball (in reverse order) from the current over. To change a ball from an earlier over, use Edit Ball.
  • The "End Over" button is the primary action button and will change depending on the state of the match (It will either show End Over, New Over or New Inning).



To select whether or not to see the ball-detail-panel and require confirmation of each ball in the match, use the toggle switch for Confirm balls in Match Settings.

(13) To Edit Over, tap on the “pencil” icon next to the Over heading. To insert a new ball into a custom position in an over, tap on the (+) icon next to the Over heading.

(14) To Edit a Ball, tap on the “pencil” icon next to a ball in the Ball-by-ball list.

(15) See details for all balls from the current inning, arranged from newest to oldest and separated by over.

(16)  To manually sync the match scores to MyCricket, use the Sync button.

Additional functions (when tapping hamburger menu):

(17) To view a classic Scorecard for all innings, tap on View/Edit Scorecard.

(18) To view and modify default settings, tap on Match Settings.

(19) To update the status of the match, tap on Match Status.

(20) To edit Team, tap on Team Selection.

(21) To access the app help-guide, tap on Help.

(22) To export the match scorecard to PDF, use Export to PDF.

(23) To send a debug report when experiencing problems with the app, tap on Support report. This will automatically open your mail and attach the debug report with MyCricket Support as the email recipient. Please include any additional information you may think useful to your query. 

(24) To share toss decision via email or social media, use Share Toss Result.

(25) To share score updates via email or social media, use Share Match. 




  • Primary scorer:
    • First user to access a match is the primary scorer
    • Primary scorer has the lock on the match, and therefore the ability to sync scores to ResultsVault.
    • Primary scorer has the ability to release the lock on the match at any point by pressing Back, and Saving and Unlocking the match
  • Secondary scorer(s):
    • No lock on the match, and therefore no ability to sync scores to ResultsVault.
    • Secondary scorers are essentially scoring the match in a ‘standalone’ mode.
    • If the primary scorer relinquishes the lock on the match, a secondary scorer can take over the lock by pressing the Lock icon in the toolbar and following the prompts.

NB: Successfully taking over the lock on the match will clear the local version of the match from the user’s device, and replace it with the most up-to-date synced version from the ResultsVault system.

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