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ResultsVault Cricket LiveScore FAQ

To record a dismissal, tap on the Wicket icon on Scoresheet to get the Wicket screen.

Highlighted Features:

(1) To return to the Scoresheet, tap on Cancel. To record the dismissal, tap on Done.

(2) To change the Batter dismissed, tap on Batter Out and choose from the list of batters. 

(3) To indicate how the Batter was dismissed, tap on Dismissal Type and select from options available such as: Caught, LBW, Bowled, Stumped, Run Out, Hit Wicket, Retired Hurt, Hit Ball Twice, Timed Out, Handled Ball, Obstructing the Field.

(4) To select fielder involved in a catch, stumping or run-out, tap on Fielder and choose from the list of fielders.

(5) To record whether or not the batters crossed attempting a run in a caught, run-out or obstructing the field dismissal, use the toggle switch for "Crossed"


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