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ResultsVault Cricket LiveScore FAQ



Upon match end, by either manual end via the 'Match Actions' or 'Match Status' screen, or via a score prompt (e.g. all out, 2nd batting team passes 1st batting team total etc) a confirmation prompt appears asking if you wish to end the match.

'Cancel' returns back to the scoring screen, 'OK' sends you to the scorecard screen for a final edit of scores.

After you have finished editing the scorecard, you can hit 'End Match', 'Done' or 'Close Innings' which will direct you to a prompt asking whether you want to 'Save and Exit' or 'Finalise Result'

'Save and Exit' takes you out to the match list page where the match can be reviewed or edited again upon entering. Please note that this will not submit the match result to MyCricket.


'Finalise Result' takes you to the Match Result area, where the final result can be selected.

Upon pressing 'Done', the Match Submit message will appear warning you that you will not be able to make any scorecard changes once submitted. Once OK has been pressed, the match scores and result will sync to MyCricket and you will be directed to the match list where your match will show in the completed section.



If the app is not connected to the internet, an alert will appear to make the user aware that the match will not be submitted. Once in an internet zone, the user can submit the match again.

Once connected to the internet, ending a match (after the completion of Match Result) syncs the match scores to the MyCricket server and shows the match in the ‘Completed Matches’ section on the Matches screen.

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