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This page allows a governing body to register and track player suspensions/exclusions from amongst its affiliated entities/clubs. 

The information entered on this page can be used to generate reports of current and past suspensions and produces automatic notifications if a currently suspended player seeks a transfer or clearance to another club. 


Add new suspension/exclusion

Use Add new suspension/exclusion to create a new suspension/exclusion record. Each record must contain the following information:

  • Club: Select the player's current club.
  • Player: Select the player's name.
  • Suspension/Exclusion start date (inclusive): This is the date that the suspension/exclusion begins.
  • Suspension/Exclusion end date (inclusive): This is the date that the suspension/exclusion ends.
  • Suspension/Exclusion Reason: Select whether it was an incident or an injury that led to the player's suspension/exclusion.
  • Date of Injury/Incident: This is to record when the injury/incident happened.
  • Suspension/Exclusion Notes: Additional comments or a description of the incident or injury that lead to the player getting suspended or excluded.

Include expired suspensionsUse to display past suspensions/exclusions from previous seasons.
Player ID, Player and ClubSuspended/excluded player's resultsvault ID, name and the club the player currently plays for.
Suspension StartDate that the suspension begins (Inclusive)
Suspension EndDate that the suspension ends (Inclusive)
Played while suspendedThis indicates whether or not a player has been selected for a team during their suspension/exclusion period.
Date of Injury/IncidentDate that the injury/incident happened.
Suspension/Exclusion Reasonwhether it was an incident or an injury that led to the player's suspension/exclusion.
ViewView the details of a player’s suspension
EditEdit the Details of a player’s suspension
DeleteCompletely remove the suspension from the database. The suspension will not appear in the expired suspensions list and as far as the system is concerned will have never existed.
Download data...Extract current report to excel, CSV or TSV format.
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