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Play-Cricket Scorer FAQ

To access Edit Ball functionality, tap on the “pencil” icon next to a ball in the Ball-by-Ball list on Scoresheet.

Highlighted Features:

(1) To change the Batter on Strike, tap on Strike Batter and choose from the list of batters.

(2) To change Bowler, tap on Bowler and choose from the list of bowlers.

(3) To change type of Score, tap on Score Type and choose from options such as: Runs, No Balls, Wides, Byes, Leg Byes, No Ball + Runs.

(4) To change number of runs or extras, tap on (-) to reduce and (+) to increase the score.

(5) To change the ball's position, tap on (-) once to move it to back in the over or (+) to move it forward. For example, changing Ball Number from 6 to 5 will swap the order of the 5th and 6th balls in the over.

(6) "Delete Ball" functionality is only available when editing a ball in the current over. Balls from previous overs cannot be deleted.


If a wicket fell on the ball, the dismissal type and the fielder involved can also be changed via Edit Ball.


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