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ResultsVault Cricket LiveScore FAQ


Use the DL Calculator to reset target for the team batting second in an interrupted one-day match as per the Duckworth-Lewis method.

The DL calculator screen comes up after selecting to use Duckworth-Lewis on the Match Status screen.

To use the DL calculator, make sure that the ‘Overs per Innings’ value has been set in Match Settings: the value can’t be set to 'No limit', or set to greater than 50 overs.


Highlighted Features:

(1) To return to Match Status, tap on Cancel. To save changes made, tap on Done.

(2) To switch to the 2nd innings, swipe to the left or tap on the ‘2nd Innings’ tab. Note: the 2nd innings tab will only be available if scoring for the 2nd innings has commenced.

(3) See match summary for the 1st innings showing overs completed and runs scored.

(4) To add details for match interruption(s), tap on ‘Suspension Periods’. Ensure you add the interruption(s) under the right innings.

(5) See Target score calculated as per Duckworth-Lewis method.

(6) See Current score of the 2nd Innings.

(7) Calculate progressive par score for the 2nd innings by entering number of overs and wickets.


Suspension Periods

Highlighted Features:

(1) To return to the DL calculator screen, tap on Cancel. To save changes made, tap on Done.

(2) To remove a suspension, tap on (X)

(3) See options for entry of an interruption. Enter the number of completed overs, runs scored and wickets lost at the time of suspension, followed by overs remaining in the innings after the suspension.

(4) To add details for additional match interruption(s), tap on ‘New Suspension Period’.

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