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Highlighted Features:

(1) To login, enter User ID or Email and Password for your Administrator User Account with the club/association.



Your User account needs Results Manager role assigned to it. If not, the app won’t let you log in to score the match. Contact the Principle Administrator at your club/association to get access to use the app.

(2) To recover login details when you can’t remember your password, tap on ‘Forgot Password?’

(3) To access the help content for the app functions.

(4) To access functions on the app that do not require a login including Downloaded Matches, Custom Matches and Demo Match.




(5) This Downloaded Matches screen will show all ResultVault matches that have been downloaded from the device which will be ready to be scored in offline mode.

(6) The Custom Matches area allows for the creation of non ResultVault matches to be scored.

(7) Demo Match allows scorers to get used to the scoring functions within the app