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Scoring Settings



Highlighted Features:

(1) To select how often the match scores are synced between the app and ResultsVault website, set the Sync Frequency default (the maximum time that will elapse before the app syncs).



If no internet connection is available, scores are saved locally to the device and the app will reattempt to sync at when the Sync Frequency default is reached.

(2) To assign players to match events, swipe the button to 'ON'. This allows scorers to assign players to stats likes goals, assists, deflections, rebounds etc.

(3) To enable the TV scoring display

Match Menu Settings

When hitting the 3 dotted icon on the top left hand corner of the screen while scoring, you will be presented with the Match Menu Settings below.


Highlighted Features:

(1) Allows a scorer to view player stats and make edits. Upon ending the match, the scorerwill be directed to this page for a final check of stats before submitting the match.

(2) To view / edit the teams that have been selected for the match.

(3) Directs the scorer to the settings page where they can control the sync frequency and player events.

(4) Allows a scorer to adjust the game clock.

(5) Exports the match and player stats information into a PDF to share to others using the device share platforms.

(6) Allows for the sharing the live score with a link to the public scorecard so end users can follow the match live.

(7) To access the help content pages.