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Website Management

Clubs/Associations will be able to create a unique and customisable website to suit their needs. The process will be as follows:

  • Layout Selection
  • Layout Information
  • Sportzvault Interface - (Menu customisation, News & Events setup, Advert maintenance)

Layout Selection

Clubs/Associations will be able to select from a Template which will contain different combinations of the following elements:

  • Header (Club Logo, Club Name)
  • Menu
  • Rotating News (Displays pictures and a text preview of each news story)
  • Competition Feed (Displays Results, Upcoming matches and Ladders of selected club competition)
  • Upcoming Events (shows a list of events)
  • Adverts
  • Twitter (displays a list of tweets by selected User)
  • Youtube (can display a video or playlist)
  • Facebook (displays recent facebook status' of selected Facebook Page)
Clubs/Associations can choose from the following 4 layout templates:
Template #1


Template #2


Template #3



Template #4

Layout Information

Once the Layout has been selected, further information will need to be provided.
The following is an example of a form that can be provided to clubs along with the 4 layout images:

Here is an example of the required information:

Required Information:

Primary and Secondary Colours: 
These will be the basis of the colour scheme for the website. Colours may be included in background, menu, headings etc.
Hexadecimal Value:
Optional, but provides an accurate colour descripton rather than a general 'Blue' or 'Red'.
Twitter User ID: 
Easily identified after twitter URL: - 'NetballAust'
Youtube URL: 
This is provided by clicking 'Share' on the selected video and providing the output URL. eg.
Facebook ID:
The facebook ID is displayed after the facebook URL. eg. 'AussieDiamonds' from

Sportzvault Interface

Using Sportzvault will allow users to take the final steps involved in completing the setup of their website.

Please Note: News, Events and Advert widgets require content to be setup before they display correctly




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