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Participant Management

Player List

Provides a list of all of the players within an organisation. The search can be refined by role and specific names or player id's, date of birth (date range) and gender. The search can also be extended to include players within affiliate organisations

MODE: Competition Participation / Competition Management   MENU: People -> Person List


Person Filters

Filters can be set up to help break the people in your database down into smaller groups. There are two types of filter available.

MODE: Competition Participation / Competition Management   MENU: People -> Person Filter


Dynamic: This filter takes user entered criteria and applies it to the entire person database. These filters are useful for generating lists broken down by age group, gender or user role.

Static: A static filter is a set list of names created by users and is best used for compiling mailing lists.

Custom Person Fields

These are user created data fields that enable associations to enter information against their participants that the standard database does not allow for. Access to edit custom fields can be enabled for both participants and administrators of child organisations or restricted to the association that created it.

MODE: Competition Participation / Competition Management   MENU: People -> Person Filter


Data collected in custom fields can be done so in different ways using the following types.



Text BoxProvides space for a small amount of text
Drop Down ListProvides a drop down list. One item may be selected
Radio Button ListProvides a list of Radio buttons. One item may be selected
Check Box ListProvides a list of check boxes. Many items can be selected
Date EntryProvides a box in which a valid date must be entered (DD/MM/YYYY)
Email EntryProvides a space for an email address to be entered (email must be valid:
Long DescriptionsProvides a large text box for a large amount of text.

Edit Person Record

MODE: Competition Participation / Competition Management   MENU: People -> Person List... Double click on the record you want to edit


This page gives access to all of a player's information. The general tab provides access to a players basic information and additional tabs provide access to role specific details.

Adding a person record

MODE: Competition Participation / Competition Management   MENU: People ->Add a New person


To create a new record enter the persons names into the boxes provided. The system will perform a duplicate check and if a similar player exists offer up suggestions for who it might be.

If the player does not already exist in the database click the link to create the new record. Fill in the player's information and click add to save.

Bulk import

MODE: Competition Participation / Competition Management   MENU: People -> Bulk Person Import


Select the role and sub role that will be applied to all of the players being uploaded.

Download the template file and populate the columns with the players data.


Do not change the order of or remove any of the default fields from the upload template file. If you do not have data for these fields leave them blank.

Before uploading any data make sure that you are administering the right entity.

Players can be uploaded in batches of 50 if there are more players to load they will need to be entered into separate sheets.

Save your file and use the browse button to select it from your file manager.

Enter the worksheet that data is to be imported from and click Upload to load the players.

Duplicates Report

MODE: Competition Participation / Competition Management   MENU: People -> Duplicates Report

This report looks at players within the currently administered organisation. It can compare them to either its own records (search for duplicates within the entity) or the national database (search for duplicates outside the entity. It is most effective when run by an organisation that has a large number of players in its own database.

Person Merge

MODE: Competition Participation / Competition Management   MENU: People -> Person Merge Request

If you have one player that has multiple IDs the id's can be merged by submitting a person merge request.

Enter the two IDs that you want to merge and use the look up button to confirm they are correct. Submit the merge when you are sure that both records belong to the same person



The merge process assumes that the ID in the TO field has the most up to date information. Any information on this record will be kept in preference over information in the from record.

Once two records have been merged it is impossible to separate them. If you are unsure at all about whether or not records should be merged please contact the relevant organisation and / or InteractSport support.


Role Management

MODE: Competition Participation / Competition Management   MENU: People -> Reconfirm / Change person roles

From season to season as players age and develop it is likely that their role or sub role may need to change. This action can be performed in bulk via the reconfirm / change person roles page.

Because player records cannot be deleted (this would delete historical data relating to matches that players had played in) participants that are no longer involved with a club or association should have their roles removed.

Deceased Participants

This function is available via the link at the bottom of the Person Edit screen (for the Principal user only). When a record is marked as deceased, the following changes are made:

-   All roles are removed from the record, in all organisations

-   The record is removed from all player filters and squads

-   The email address and mobile number are removed

-   Any participant login is deleted

-   Roles will not be able to be added to the record

-   The record will be available for editing via the 'NO ROLES' filter, but it will be removed from communication (email/SMS) lists

-   An audit record will be created

If a participant is mistakenly marked as deceased, they can only be reinstated via a support request to InteractSport. If the person has roles in other organisations you will not be able to mark that person's record as deceased, in this case please lodge a support request.

Participant Logins

MODE: Competition Participation / Competition Management   MENU: People -> Reconfirm / Participant Logins


In general, any participant with a valid email address entered in their person record can login to:

  • Edit their own details
  • Change their password
  • View a list of organisations that their record is associated with, and in certain cases (namely where the person holds NO ROLE at an organisation), to remove the ability for that organisation to edit their record.
  • Sign up and/or purchase items or memberships as configured by parent organisations.

Where a particpant holds either a PLAYER or UMPIRE Role at an organisation, they can also 'select' that organisation and access extra information/features.

A participant must have a valid email address entered on their record before a login can be created for them. A participant can also create their own login by clicking the appropriate link on the Login page and entering their numerical ID (provided their email address has already been entered).

Managing logins

Screen Overview

Participant Searching and Filtering

The list of participants within your organisation is displayed on the Participant Login Management screen. For those organisations that have more than a few hundred participants it is advisable to use the Person Filter options.  You have the ability to filter by the following criteria:

  • Person Role and Subrole (ie PLAYER, UMPIRE, TEAM OFFICIAL)
  • Person Name or part name
  • Account Status (See below for an explanation of possible account status values)
To Execute the search press the "Search Persons" button.
The list is limited to displaying the first 5000 records only.  If more than that exist you will need to enter other search criteria to reduce the size of the list.
At the top right hand corner of the results list you can type in any value in the Quick Filter box to further filter the displayed records.  The Quick Filter works on all displayed fields (ie ID, Name, Email Address, Current Roles etc)
When you first display the screen all participants records are displayed (ie no filters are applied) up to 5000 records (see above)

Account Status

The participant login account can have the following status's

NO_ACCOUNT - No account exists for this participant (an account can be created)
INVALID_EMAIL - No account exists for this participant but their email address is missing or invalid (no account can be created until this is rectified)
ACTIVE - Participant has an account which is active
LOCKED -  Participant has an account which is locked (perhaps they have entered the wrong password too many times)
DELETED - Participant has an account which has been marked Deleted

Participant List

After the search is performed results are displayed in the results table with the following columns:

Select: This is a checkbox for each record to indicate you want to select this record

ID:  The internal ID of the participant

Edit: A link to edit the participant details

Email:  The email address for the participant

Last Logon:  If the participant has logged on then this is the date of their last logon, otherwise this will be blank

Current Roles:  Commas separated list of roles the participant has in this organisation

Status:  The current Status for the participant login account (see description of possible Status's above

Valid Actions:  A list of valid actions that can be performed against this login account.  If you choose an action that is not valid the action will not be performed for this participant


Where a login already exists for the person concerned, that row will have a light green background otherwise the will be no background. Where a login account has been locked or deleted the text will be displayed as orange or red.


Performing Bulk Actions

To perform any number of actions in bulk for one or more than one participants:

  • Select which participants you would like the action to apply to.  This can be done one by one via checking the checkboxes or clicking the "Select All" or "Select Visible Only" checkboxes an the top left hand corner of the results table.  Select All will select all those participants in the result list across all pages.  Select Visible Only will only select those participants visible on the first page of the results list
  • Select the required Bulk Action from the bulk action dropdown list (explanation of actions below)
  • Click on the Person Action button
If the chosen bulk action is not applicable for a participant then nothing is done.

The following bulk actions are available:

Create Logins - A login account is created for the participant and an email )the welcome email) containing their details is emailed to the participant.

Create Logins or Resend if created - As above but if the participant already has a login account the "welcome email" is resent

Reset Passwords - This will change the password to a random password, unlock a locked account, and send a password reset email to the participant.

Unlock Accounts - Unlock the account for a participant.  The login will lock after a certain number of consecutive unsuccessful login attempts


Player Transfers

MODE: Competition Participation / Competition Management   MENU: Players -> Player Transfer

In this instance a transfer refers to copying a players record from one organisation to another. The player will remain in the originating organisations database and their role will need to be removed manually if the player is no longer with that organisation.

To transfer a player, use the search box to find them and click the add to link to the right of the players name.

Player clearances

MODE: Competition Participation / Competition Management   MENU: Players -> Player Transfer


Player clearances is a mechanism whereby clubs gain approval from their governing body to transfer a player from one club to another. Throughout the process, the affected clubs and the association are notified by email as to the actions that are required at any stage.

Note: Permits have a similar process to that described below for Clearances, except the application is between one club and the association. A player must be on a club's player list before a Permit can be requested.

More information about Permits

Below is an overview of the clearance process. 


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