Organisations are able to create and add their own discounts to their products.  Adding a discount(s) to a product will allow those eligible to pay a reduced amount when registering. 

The discount is taken off the product base fee (and not the additional fees at a higher level – association, state, national).

To create or edit a discount, select ‘Registration’ >  select ‘Discount Rules’ > 'Add New Discount Rule'.


Discount Rule Types:

Once the discount type has been created, they can then be added to a product. To add a discount, select Registration > Product Management > Pricing > Discount Rules > select the ‘Enable discounting’ and select the relevant discounts (Discount Rules).

The registrant will see the discount in the product overview screen, and when checking out as part of the signup process. 

There is also a field (Maximum Discount Against Club Fee) that caps the total amount that can be taken off the organisation fee for that product.

Note – the total amount cannot be negative It is capped at $0. Eg. if the cost of the product is $100, and the registrant is eligible for discounts worth $150, then the cost at checkout will be $0.