Once you have received notification your PIN Payment service is active, you need to provide the API Keys to us for activation of the MyNetball Payment Service. 

To find your API Keys, please follow the steps below:

Login to your PIN dashboard  

visit https://dashboard.pinpayments.com/login

If you have not created a password for your account visit https://dashboard.pinpayments.com/reset-password and enter the email address you signed up with. 

  1. Once you are logged into the dashboard, find the Account button (displayed below) 
  2. With the account screen open you should be able to spot the API Keys button (displayed below) 
  3. Now you will see 2 keys marked LIVE - highlight the text of each key and past it into an email to us to activate your MyNetball Payment Service (see below) 

Once you have your API keys, please email them along with your organisation name to us at support@interactsport.com

Payment Gateway FAQs