Part payments is an optional feature for Associations, Leagues and/or Clubs to choose to activate when setting up their sign-up form.  

It can be applied to any From Type but will only apply to Registration Types/Products, not saleable items.


General Setup

Part Payments will appear on the online form as a ‘Allow Part Payment’ checkbox within the payment settings of the registration signup form.


Associations & Leagues can manage their products under Management or Participation.


Organisation administrators will be able to access the Scheduled Payments Report' to view processed part payments and upcoming part payments.  This report can be accessed in the same way whether you are an association or club.  The report can be found by navigating to the Reports menu > Scheduled Payments Reports (under Registration).


This will bring you to the Scheduled Payments Report where you can view any processed part payments and see any upcoming part payments.

Cancel Upcoming Payments

Organisations can cancel upcoming instalments, which will remove the payment from the payment processing queue. 

This can be done by clicking on view in the ‘Payment Status’ column of the upcoming instalment. 

This will bring up the Transaction Details window where you can select either ‘Cancelled’ or ‘Paid’ depending on the scenario.

  1. Paid: The administrator will need to select the method of payment and the amount paid to create a paid transaction record will be created.
  2. Cancelled: The administrator will need to select a reason for cancelling the payment (i.e. player de-registered, remaining fees settled etc). The administrator should include a comment which will be included on the cancelled transaction record.

Note that cancelling an upcoming payment does not automatically add the cancelled amount to the next payment

If a payment is made offline (i.e. cash), then the corresponding upcoming payment in the schedule should be marked as paid, not cancelled.

If there are two scheduled payments remaining for a member, and the member wants to de-register, then the administrator must manually cancel the two remaining payments using the ‘Scheduled Payments Report’.


How Participants See Part Payments when Completing Online Registration(s)

When the automated part payments feature is utilised by an organisation, the player has the option of making their payment in one, two, three or four instalments. 


Note - the number of ‘instalments’ available will depend on the total cost of the item.

i.e. In the example below, the Netball WA Membership is $73 (which will be the cost of the first instalment).  That leaves a balance of $27 to be paid later.  With a minimum instalment amount of $20, it will only allow 2 instalments to be paid.


The first instalment will be made immediately, and any future instalments will continue in the following calendar month.

The minimum amount of the first payment will be the cost of the Netball WA membership.  This may be higher depending on the total cost of the product the participant is purchasing. 

This will populate once the number of instalments is selected.  


There would be more instalment options based on the total amount charged. 

The player must authorise the storing of their credit card details for it to be processed as per the payment schedule detailed on the registration form. By doing so, the player has authorised the future payments to be taken at the agreed due dates from the supplied credit card.

Payments Outside the Schedule


Players can elect to process future payments earlier than they are due by using the ‘Pay Now’ function in the MyNetball Participant Portal. This will process the payment and remove it from the payment processing queue.


When selecting the ‘Pay Now’ button an invoice will popup which will prompt the player to enter their payment details for this payment instalment only.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if there is a saleable item included in the registration product?

The payment schedule will be based on the total amount including the saleable item/s and split accordingly.


What happens if offline payment option is selected?

The player cannot select the pay offline option if they have opted to use the part payment feature. All part payments will be deducted automatically from the supplied credit card.

How are the fees distributed through the primary disbursement gateway?

All payment processing fees and any liabilities owed to associations and State Member Organisation are calculated and paid on the first instalment. This is why the first payment amount is usually larger than the instalments that follow. 

What is the minimum instalment amount?

The minimum instalment is $20. If an instalment amount is less than $20, then the part payment feature cannot be used by the player.

How is the payment schedule determined?

Payment schedule is determined by Netball Australia. All instalments following the initial payment will be due the following calendar month.  

It is currently set to the 15th of each month. The first payment will always be at the time of the registration and the second will be in the following calendar month.

Can I make an early payment using a different credit card?

Yes, using the ‘Pay Now’ feature, a player can choose to pay using a different credit card. Any future automated payments will be charged to the original credit card where the authority was given.

How do I update my credit card details for future instalments? 

Players can use the ‘Payment Settings’ feature under the ‘Activity’ menu on the Participant Portal to update or remove their credit card details at any time.

What happens if my credit card is lost/stolen and needs to be cancelled?

As above, players can use the ‘Payment Settings’ feature under the ‘Activity’ menu on the Participant Portal to update their credit card details to their new card.


What happens if my credit card has insufficient funds and the payment is rejected?

The payment instalment remains outstanding and visible in the scheduled payments report. In this case, the administrator should contact the player and either:

Note that there is currently no notification to administrators that a payment has been rejected but has been included in the future enhancements list.