Configure the advanced settings for squad, participants and match scorecards here.  

This option is not available to all sports.


Team/Squad Settings

Default settings

Team Select

No Automatic Selection - Squad selection is automatically carried forward by the system, based on the initial squad setup i.e. there is no need to select a team for entry/allocate for every game.

Select Squad - Squad selection is manually handled and compulsory per game before a player's scores can be entered.

Select Previous Match Team - Squad is manually assigned for a certain round and will be automatically carried forward to the next one.

Squad Update

Locked - Club is not allowed to edit squads.

Allow Update - Club can edit squads.

Auto Update - Squads are automatically updated from the moment a sub player is entered into to match.

Squad LockRound number from which squads are always locked - value from 0 (always locked) - 200.
Num of SubsMaximum number of substitutes.
Include in PPWRInclude in Player Participation Per Week Report.


Participant permissions

Default settings

Squad Result EntryAllow/Don't Allow Result Entry (by Club?).


Grade settings

Apply the above settings to a few selected grades by selecting the grade and clicking the Update Selected Grades button.

Match Scorecards

Certain scorecards are available for printing with fielded players/team squads details.  These are convenient for clubs that use paper score entry.

Default Settings

Match Scorecard formatSelect from the available formats.
Scorecard Top textEnter the customized heading text.
Scorecard Bottom textEnter the customized bottom text.
Organisation LogoLoad organisation's logo. Only available to Sportzvault users.
Sponsor LogoLoad organisation's logo through Website/site/file manager to select here (It might require Sportzvault account).


Grade Settings

Club/Association might want to keep a few grades away from the above default settings by checking the below for customization