Ladders can be set up and modified within a grade and season, specifically:

When the season is locked for the grade (via the Season settings tab), ladders for that grade cannot be created, edited or deleted.



This allows you to add ladders to the current grade/season. Most grades will have a single ladder, however competitions that use different Match Types can set up extra ladders that can include matches from only certain match types.
  • Click the Add New Ladder link to add a new Ladder, or Click the Edit ladder config icon of the ladder you wish to edit.
  • Complete the details as listed below.
  • Click the Update button to save changes, or click the Back to Ladder Management link to return to the previous screen.

Ladder NumberAutomatically assigned to the ladder within the grade/season - 1,2,3 etc
Filter matches in ladder by match formats

By default, ALL Formats is selected. If other match formats have been defined, by choosing the SELECT Formats.. option, one or more formats can be chosen. This has the effect of filtering the current ladder by only including matches of those match formats. All calculations for that ladder, including matches played, wins, losses, percentage etc will reflect this filtering.

Only displays if an AUTOMATIC calculation method is selected below.

Ladder Points Scheme

A Ladder Points Scheme defines how points are awarded to teams and what formula and criteria are used.

Select a Points scheme to apply to this ladder, that is used to automatically calculate total points. A scheme must be selected if the ladder is AUTO calculated.

Changing the ladder points scheme will also change this for all other ladders within the current grade and season, as all must use the same Points scheme (i.e. a match must be worth the same points irresepctive of the ladder it is included in, not allowing for ladder adjustments appliable to each individual ladder).

The Ladder Points Scheme Management link can be clicked to open the Ladder Points Scheme Management screen.

Only displays if an AUTOMATIC calculation method is selected below.

Ladder Display Scheme

A Ladder Display Scheme defines how ladders are displayed and in what order.

If no scheme is selected, defaults will be used (only summary information such as wins, losses points etc. will be displayed, and no percentage scheme or finals teams will be set).

The Ladder Display Scheme Management link can be clicked to open the  Ladder Display Scheme Management screen.


Pool Group

If pools have been set up for this grade/season (via the Pools tab), they can be assigned to the ladder by selecting from the dropdown list. This will display the ladder broken up into pools, as defined in the pool group.

Ladder Heading

Optionally enter text to appear above the ladder on public sites.

Ladder NotesOptionally enter text to appear below the ladder on public sites.
Ladder Calculation Method

Either AUTO - every day overnight or MANUAL - per administrator's activation

    • AUTOMATIC methods.
      Ladders are automatically calculated based on the Ladder Points Scheme selected (and if applicable) percentage method selected in the Ladder Display Scheme. Ladder adjustments can be entered against a ladder to adjust various aspects of the ladder data (e.g. points, percentage).
      1. AUTO OVERNIGHT - Ladders are automatically fully calculated according to the rules* below once per day (usually overnight). All teams in the ladder are recalculated.
      2. AUTO REALTIME - Ladders are automatically partially calculated according to the rules* below approximately 10 minutes after match scores are entered or updated. Only the teams playing in updated matches are recalculated. Ladders are also fully recalculated overnight as well if the REALTIME option is selected.
      3. AUTO ONDEMAND - Ladders are only fully recalculated according to the rules* below when the Recalc AUTO ladder option is chosen from the Ladder Manager. Therefore, ladders from previous seasons can be recalculated in this way provided the season is not locked for the grade.


          *Rules (applies 1,2 above only) 
          The date of the last match of the grade/season is no more than one month ago (this prevents previous seasons ladders from being automatically recalculated even if their season is not locked)
          • A 'final' result is entered for a match ('in progress' results are not included)
          • The season is not locked for the grade
          • The fixture is not a 'knockout' type.

A recalculation can be forced at any time - see Other actions below.

    • MANUAL points entry
      All ladder data is manually entered and updated - see Other actions below.

Sort orderThis controls the order in which ladders display on public sites within the grade/season.
Visible on public sitesThis controls whether the ladder is visible on public sites. If unchecked, the ladder will not be visible.

Deleting ladders

Click the Delete icon of the ladder you wish to delete.

The ladder and all points (whether automatically calculated or manually entered) will be deleted and the ladder will not display on public sites.

If only one ladder remains within a grade/season, this cannot be deleted, however it can be made 'not visible' to hide from public site display.

Ladders that have had ladder adjustments entered cannot be deleted. In this case, the adjustments must first be deleted.

Ladders can be copied in bulk from one season to another.

Typically ladders are copied when allocating teams to the new grade/season. However, if this is not done at that point, then ladders can be copied here.

Rules for copying ladders:

  • Teams must already have been allocated in the grade/season you wish to copy the ladder(s) to (the 'target' season).
  • Ladders will not be copied where they already exist in the target season.
  • Where pools are in use, attempts will be made to copy this information as well, however any teams that are different between the source and target will not be added to pools.
  • Any copied ladders will be set to 'not visible'. These new ladders must be reviewed, and the visibility enabled accordingly. See Add/Edit Ladder above - Visible on public sites field.


To copy ladders:

  • Select the season to copy from. All ladders in all grades for the season will be displayed.
  • Check the boxes of the ladder(s) you wish to copy from.
  • Select the season to copy to.
  • Click the Copy Selected Ladders button.
  • The results for each ladder will be displayed, i.e whether each copy succeeded or failed, with reasons.
From the main ladder management screen it is possible to perform the following actions for each ladder (provided the grade/season is not locked):



[AUTOMATIC ladders only]

Access the Ladder Adjustment screen to enter a ladder adjustment that may apply to all ladders, or a specific ladder.


[AUTOMATIC ladders only]

Immediately recalculate the ladder.

Care should be taken if recalculating ladders from a previous season, because if configuration (such as ladder points scheme) has subsequently changed, the ladder may have different results than intended.

Edit Manual points

[MANUAL ladders only]

Manually enter the current ladder - matches played, wins, losses, points, percentage, etc.
ViewWill launch the ladder in a new browser window, showing how it is displayed on the public site.




When do ladder configuration changes take effect?

If a change is made to anything that affects a ladder's points or percentage, the changes will only take effect from the next time the ladder is calculated, whether this is overnight, or by doing a recalculation via the Ladder Maintenance screen e.g. setting up a new ladder, changing the points scheme of an existing ladder, modifying the points scheme that is in use by one or more ladders, or changing match results.


If a change is made to anything that affects a ladder's display, the changes will take effect immediately e.g. changing the display scheme of an existing ladder, modifying the display scheme that is in use by one or more ladders, setting the public visibility of a ladder.
However one exception here is changing the percentage calculation method (simple mode) or adding a complex calculated field (advanced mode) within a display scheme in that this information displayed in the ladder will not change until the next time the ladder is calculated.