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Play-Cricket Scorer FAQ

titleHow can I connect the app with my FSL scoreboard?

To integrate with your FSL scoreboard:

1) From the Settings screen of the app, or the settings page when starting a match, select 'External Scoreboard'.

2) Select 'Settings'. This screen displays the categories and the corresponding indices for your FSL scoreboard. Move the categories using drag and drop (iOS) or the arrow buttons (Android) until the categories and indices match the setup of your FSL scoreboard.


To connect with an FSL scoreboard:

1) From the settings page, when starting a match, select 'External Scoreboard'.

2) Select 'Device'. A list of all available Bluetooth devices will display - simply select the item in the list that matches your FSL Scoreboard.

3) If the app is able to connect to your scoreboard, you will momentarily be returned to the 'External Scoreboard' screen, and the device status will display as 'Connected'.

4) Select 'Back', and continue setting up the match as per usual. The app will now handle all communication with the FSL Scoreboard during the match.

To view and modify default match settings, tap on the menu icon at the top right corner of Scoresheet and select "Match Settings".