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Editing Squads

MODE: Competition Management   MENU: Competition -> Grades -> Maintain Grades, Teams and Ladders... Team Settings

From the team settings page click on the edit squad link to make changes to a team's selected squad.

Score Sheet Printing

MODE: Competition Management   MENU: Competition -> Matches -> Match Manager

Match score cards can be printed from the match manager. 

Search for the matches you wish to print scorecards for, select them by checking the relevant boxes. Select Print Scorecards from the bulk action list and click perform action.

Bulk Results Entry

MODE: Competition Management   MENU: Competition -> Matches -> Match Manager

Match results can be entered in bulk via the match manager

Search for the matches you wish to enter results for and select them by checking the relevant boxes. Select enter results from the bulk action list and click perform action.

Enter the scores and the overall result for the home and away teams and click update to save

Player Statistics

MODE: Competition Management   MENU: Competition -> Matches -> Match Manager

To enter player statistics go to the match manager and search for the required matches. Clikc on the actions link to open the actions menu for the grade.

Select Enter Player Scores for the team you wish to enter player information for.

Full match statistics and and match time information (periods played) can be entered here for individual players.


The aim of this document is to provide a workflow for users to follow when performing re-grading. The process has been broken down into the following 4 steps. It is recommended that each step be completed across all grades affected by the regrade before proceeding on to the next step.

  1. Allocate new teams to grade.
  2. Adjust existing fixture.
  3. Re-grade teams.
  4. Enter ladder adjustments.

Allocate teams to grade.

The first step in performing a regrade is to add the teams being moved into their new grade. To do this

  • Open the Allocate Teams to Grade screen via the Competition -> Grades -> Maintain Grades Teams and Ladders menu and click on the Allocate Teams link corresponding to the desired grade. 

  • Select a Club / Team from those available in the list of Child Organisations / Association Teams on the left hand side of the screen and use the add button to enter it into the grade. 

    Teams that are being removed from this grade cannot be taken out of the allocated teams list as the data associated with the matches that have been played requires them to be there. Trying to remove a team on the allocation screen will cause error.

  • To commit the changes to the database and finalise which teams are competing in the grade you need to click the update button.

    It is not necessary to update the Team Display / Media Names on the team settings page as the re-grade process will automatically do this. Home venue settings for newly entered teams can be updated at any time by checking the 'update in existing fixture' box on the Team Settings page when performing an update to this field.

Making changes to the fixtures.

When performing a regrade there are generally two ways in which the existing fixture for a grade can change.

Replace a team in the draw.

If one team in the fixture is being directly replaced by a new team this can be done quickly using the Replace Team in Draw function.

  • Open the Replace Team in Draw page via the Competition -> Draws -> Replace Team in Draw menu.
  • Making sure you are looking at the correct Season / Grade, specify the teams that will be replaced in the draw by selecting the teams that will be replacing them from the drop down selector in the Replace with team column. 

  • Once all of the teams being replaced in a grade have been indicated click on the Update button to perform the replacements.

    Running this process will update the seedings on the team settings page and will also check the Hide in Ladder box for the teams being replaced.

Recreate the fixture.

Sometimes a direct swap of teams will not be possible. If the fixture needs to be rebuilt from the next round of play you need to do the following.

  • Open the draw creation page via the Competition -> Draws -> Create Draw menu.
  • fill in the fixture details as normal making the following exceptions.
    • The start date should be the date of the next round of matches.
    • The number of rounds should be the number of rounds to be played before finals begin.
    • The start round should be the round number of the next round to be played.

      This is easily confused with the position within the fixture template being used to generate the fixture will begin. The automatic process always begins from the 1st round of the selected template regardless of which round the newly create matches begin. If you want the fixture to begin from a specific round of an existing template please contact support  to to make arrangements for this.

    • Check Team settings.

      It is possible that in order to keep a balanced fixture the seedings will need to be updated on the team settings screen before the fixture is created. You may also want to check other team settings at this stage.

    • Complete the draw creation process and submit the new fixture 

      If the number of teams in the grade has decreased you can create a new fixture by allocating the non-competing team a null seed (leave the seed box empty) and checking the hide team in ladder box on the team settings page. When creating the fixture you will get an error at the submission stage. You can ignore this and click submit again to save the new fixture.

Re-grade Teams.

Once the fixtures have been updated and contain all of the correct teams you can run the re-grade team process.

To do this

  • Open the screen via the Competition -> Grades -> Regrade Teams menu
  • Select the club / team that is going to be re-graded
  • select the destination grade
  • Select the Migrate matches, match results and statistics option to transfer all of the teams match details during the regrade process. 

    This guide focuses on the most complicated form of re-grading, the full data migration. The other options perform the following functions

    Migrate Ladder Points only: Only the team name, squad list, and ladder points are migrated. All other match data (matches played, won, lost, percentage etc. is ignored)

    No Migration, Just change grades for given team: Only team names and squad lists are copied between grades. All other information is ignored.

    When you click the re-grade button the following message will appear. This is normal and indicates that that the previous steps of preparing the draw have been successful. Indicate which team in the fixture of the destination grade will be replaced by the team being regraded and click on the Re-grade button to finish the regrade.

    Ladder Adjustments.

Once all of the Re-grading is complete it may be necessary to implement manual ladder adjustments to balance the grades and make sure that all of the teams start on an equal footing. This is done by

  • Opening the Ladder Adjustments page via the Competition -> Ladders -> Ladder Adjustments menu
  • Selecting the Season and Round
  • Selecting the match to which the adjustment will be added.
  • Select the team, enter the adjustment and a note explaining it and save the adjustment

    The adjustment will only be applied to the selected team and will not be applied negatively to the opposing team 

    Ladders will recalculate overnight and display the new details the following day.

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